My Father

His tears are expensive. Very hard to see him cry. He only talk with facts. A person that you dont want to argue with. He was super strict. He never let me sleepover my friends house or went to the mall with them. Whenever i got question when he thinks ‘you are still small to know the right answer’ , he will always reply ‘when the time comes you will know’. Which i implement the same thing to my kids (haha i know how annoying it was). But its true. He never fail to be there supporting me through out my sports days. He was a sport person presenting states. Idol!. He was so proud of me. He always shower me with the best of the best. He never spank or yell at me. He treated me like a princess. He would interview all my boy friends about the family background. He always snap my friends photos who ever came to the house (afraid they will ran me off maybe ๐Ÿคฃ). He never allow me to date A’sim by myself which he will ask Angah to follow me everywhere. He would make the ‘horror phonecalls’ sharp 7pm and 11pm asking my exact location. Lucky those days no canggih smartphones to share locations. He asked me to prove about A’sim qualification and secure job. Being a diplomatic officer is the job that made him happy the day he knew A’sim was in the processed on applying it. He loves me so much. I know that it crashed his heart whenever he attended a wedding or gathering whereby his friend’s kids graduated or studied from a overseas/ good uni/ attended a good course. I never make him proud in my education. Yet again he always praised me as in i got straight A’s. When i was in form 5 on parents teachers meeting, he came down with kain pelekat+baju melayu+tongkat+pipe. It was so funny! How busy he was, he will make sure everyday he will spend some times together. Every year malam raya, he will drive us to KL just to enjoy the KL raya moments. Its like every year must do thing. He is a smart person that everybody look up to until today. Im proud to carry ‘Ibrahim’ in my name where ever i go. I got a full blessing from him to settle down with A’sim. He never let me go. Because i am forever his little girl. Happy fathers day Ayah. I love you more than you know.




“Kasihnya ibu…. membawa ke syurga…”

Ha mula la nak amik mood nak nyanyi kan. Ok, for those who followed my facebook and instagram sure you got to see my post related to Mak.



I actually lost of words to write this entry. She is so special sampai tak terkata. She is my Mother, my first bestfriend until today, my partner, syurga ku di kakinya jua, Ayah’s best ever friend and she is our super duper women!


Cantik kan?

Ok Mak, if you are reading this, kite bukan nak ngampu okey. Tapi kalau nak bagi bag bag gorgeous itu, boleh dah. Oh and yes,baju baju kaftan batik and jubah jubah letops semua. Kasut tak perlu lah sebab kita tak sama size. ๐Ÿ˜

Since the day I got married ๐Ÿ‘ฐ, Mak Ayah hambat aku keluaq rumah. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ no no. Kidding sahaja.

Since that day, aku sudah tidak duduk sebumbung bersama Mak Ayah. Walaupun rumah kami dekat, tapi it takes some while for me to adjust myself living separately with my parents. Because aku tak pernah berpisah dengan Mak Ayah. Anak manja? Ishk bukan takat manja, mengada pun ada. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ever since that, kerap kami ke rumah depa untuk lepak dan makan. Because she is the best cook!. Ye, kite jarang masak. Hehe. Kite bukan dera Mak kita, tapi selagi Mak boleh masak, baik rasa air tangan Mak yang yummy tu! Hehehe

Setiap kali melahirkan anak, lokasi berpantang selama 44 hari adalah di rumah mereka. Dijaga rapi oleh Mak sepenuhnya. Dilarang turun ke bawah rumah melainkan kena keluar ke hospital. Other than that, aku di tempatkan di bilik tidurku sahaja yang disiapkan oleh Mak yang di lengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudahan dan keselesaan supaya aku tak bosan. No more excuse Hana. Pernah tengok cerita Reppunzel? Aku ni tak ada rambut panjang meleret je. Haha!

She will cook the most delicious ever confinement foods for me ON TIME. I always believe in what ever she prepare forย me, semuanya terbaik untuk ibu dan baby. Lauk berpantang Mak memang sangat menyelerakan. Cekap sungguh Mak masak. She will help me mandikan dan tidurkan the baby. Seriously Mak memang teror. Mak datangnya dari keluarga jawa. Cara pantang nya agak strict. Akan tetapi dia akan flexible bila tengok aku sudah mula kuat. But to go out from the house, in your dream Hana!.

Sesi berpantang ‘Aaira kali ni agak berbeza berbanding dengan abang-abangnya. Memandangkan aku bersalin 100% normal without being cut, so i can wear seluar and diberi kelonggaran untuk turun bawah rumah (after seminggu berpantang). Dari segi pemakanan juga berbeza sedikit. Akan tetapi pantang tetap pantang. Jangan mengelat katanya. Jamu tetap kena minum dan telan.

Sepanjang mengandung aku mencari cari perkhidmatan pembantu rumah untuk membantu Mak sepanjang aku berpantang. Unfortunately tiada yang sudi. Allah itu hebat. Dia bagi aku boleh bersalin normal supaya Mak tak susah naik turun rumah hantar makanan untuk aku, tak perlu masak makanan yang khas untuk yang kena potong. Kena pula ‘Aaira memang baby yang sangat mudah untuk handle. ย Alhamdulillah. Tak dapat maid tapi dimudahkan.

Mak ni kuat sangat. Kudrat dia memang aku jelous. Sangat sesuatu. I know she is tired but she still manage to put on her smile everytime before she hit the bed. Not only that, she still can wake up in the middle of the night if ‘Aaira nangis kuat.ย Dalam masa yang sama aku berpantang sepanjang Syawal. Ramai datang beraya dan tengok ‘Aaira. She never failed to prepare a yummy foods to the guests.

How can I ever pay her back? I totally dont know. Everything that I can think of tak setaraf dengan apa yang dia dah lakukan. Masa pagi raya, kami bermaafan. I told her ‘Mak lah dunia akhirat Along. Tiada apa mampu Along nak balas. Syurga lah untuk Mak. Along sayang Mak’

Along sayang Mak tanpa ada limit batasnya. Kerap kali Along lukakan hati Mak tanpa Along sedar. Pernah air mata mak jatuh sebab tindakan Along, tapi Along ambil tak peduli. Tak mungkin sekali. Sure banyak kali. Tak faham Along kenapa semua nya yang Along lakukan tak betul dulu. Rupanya Along yang memang tak betul. Penat Mak cuba nak bagi Along faham tentang kehidupan. Berhempas pulas Mak didik Along dalam keadaan redha. Rupanya manis nya selepas I understand everything. Terima kasih Mak. Tak pernah berhenti Mak mendidik Along eventhough I have my own kids now. I am more understand now since the day I become a mother. I still need you now and I need you forever. Maafkan segalanya. Syurga itu luas untuk Mak. Along sayang Mak.



Syawal 1437

ย *Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri followers *


its 5 of us now.

As many of you know that I am in my confinement session, that is why some of you might catch up with my hashtag #pantangwithstyle when I update my instagram.

#pantangwithstyle is all about my updates during my confinement. No, I do not apply ‘modern pantang’. I still go thru my tungku, param, pilis, massage with confinement lady, wearing socks, hair tide up, rest as much as i can. It is just that I dont wear kain batik and I do dress up every time guests come over to the house. I cant accept seeing myself attending the guests with the kusam paleย face. I need to look fresh! Yes socks on almost all the time. To me during confinement, you need to feel and look fresh all the time. It gives you positive vibes!


Matching socks

This is my 2nd year celebrating Hari Raya with my parents. Thank you husband. On top of that, its my first raya with my own daughter. ‘My own daughter’! Haha, yes I do need to face the fact that i have my mini me now. Masih lagi adjust diri dengan status itu.




team raya Kedah & team raya Shah Alam. Thank you technology.

The best part of my Syawal so far is that I spent the whole month with my parents at their house (eventhough I really missed my own house) and guests keep on coming from day one. Thank you to all who came for raya and visit me and ‘Aaira. Another best part, we do not need to go through the traffic drama heading backs north to A’sim hometown. I heard friends trapped in the traffic more than 10 hours. I really missed Kedah but i totally hate the traffic drama.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Sahabat Karib


Lengkap.ย Sahabat sejati A’simย dari zaman makan nasi share, bayar sewa umah sesama, masuk race, merapu sesama.

He brought me in theirs. I’m so glad to meet them.

Sejarah perkenalan kami mudah dan penuh dengan tanda tanya waktu itu. Aku yang dahulunya cukup tidak suka dengan mereka yang lepak di tasik area kayak, akhirnya mereka lah yang penting kini. Allah atur cantik. Mereka tidak pernah menilai aku walaupun aku bukan datang dari kelompok mereka.

Sincere and true best friend award for them. Spouses are so sporting and can get along together.

Mereka adalah separuh jiwa dia. Maka mereka adalah istimewa dan penting.ย 

Hubungan yang tiada duit dan harta mampu digantikan.

Sampai ke Jannah.

Happy Teachers Day

Happy teachersโ€™ day I wish to:

1 ) Dad Mom

2 ) teacher school teacher

3 ) Lecturers

4 ) companions and friends

5 ) People around me

6 ) The husband

7 ) Subsidiary

All of the above is a teacher in my life. They taught and educated me. Without them, I will not know the true meaning of it all.

Ayah Mak

They are the very first teachers in my life . And definitely for sure also to all of you. They teach me things that the school does not teach. And most importantly they do not have a pension scheme *haha*, they remain a teacher for me for my entire life. I learned a lot from them since the day I was born. Terima kasih Ayah Mak . To Mak who was teacher, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! You are the favourite teacher to your student until today. Proud of you .

School teacher & Lecturers

Once we start schooling, the teacher took over. It’s not easy to become a teacher. I was once a kindy teacher and you can imagine how stressful i was handling 5 years old students! You must have passion and enthusiasm to teach all students. Back in school I was one of the naughty students. Poor teachers and lecturers had to put up with our nonsense. BUT during my time, teachers got no problem to fine the students because we accept it and actually enjoyed being fine. Hahah! There is no such way that I will go back and tell my mother because I know the next thing will happen if I complain to my parents, Iโ€™ll get another set of punishment from them. Hahah. Agree?? ย Thank you my teachers and lecturers from SIGS JB, Minden Heights Penang, SKS20 Shah Alam, SMKSSAAS Shah Alam, Sunway College, HELP Uni, Segi Uni College.

Friends & people around me

We live in a community environment. Of course we will communicate with people. There are times when my friends teach us new things, whether good or not. It depends to you to judge. They teach me about life. Some of the things that I learn can be bring home and share it with families. Some I just take it and understand about it only. Gotta be careful.


He is responsible for teaching me the meaning of love and affection. It is not easy to make a hard rock heart to love someone. Haha! Asim has taught me to be a compatible pair with him so that we both always seemed like not awkward or embarrassing and most likely awesome couple. Ececeh!!.. Hahah. Asim also the fact the person who changes me from being silly childish material to a someone who can be depend on. Alhamduilillah Allah grants my prayers by meeting him as my teacher who teach and prepare me for life in becoming a wife and mother.

My kids

they also my teacher. Because they teach me about patience and showed me how lucky I am to be a mother. They tested the patience since the first day they came in my life. Actually since the day I was pregnant. Beside patient, they taught me to be strong and not to give up. They always remind me that if life is so short. Blessed with as long as there is life, and be grateful to Allah swt because the fact of existence Mohammad A’mmar and Mohammad ‘Aafi are a gift from Allah swt.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all. You all are teachers for me.

I-city Waterpark

Our first time here. Thanks to Murni for the free entrance. We joined the media’s family day. So the whole park belong to us! Boys as usual had so much fun. And me had fun playing with A’s new babytoy #gopro. The park is not that compared to Sunway Lagoon. They have 4 different slides for older kids and adults. The rest of the park belongs to the kids.