Ramadhan 2017

This time of Ramadhan a bit challenging for me because No.3 is still a baby. No.1 complete his Ramadhan without missing even 1 day. Meanwhile No.2 missed 7 days. Its not a race tho. Its a practice for them. Alhamdulillah they manage to complete every single day without any complaints.

Speaking of No.3, she made me awake through out the nights of Ramadhan. Its a good thing tho eventhoug im totally zombified! With that i can perform my night prayers, chased the night of Lailatul Qadr, recite Al-Quran and keep on praying. I hope all my wish are granted. Insyallah.

I know the kids are tired too but seriously they manage to get thru after all they did that without any force. Here are their routines most of the days throughout the month of Ramadhan:

Sahur – Subuh at the mosque – 8am to school – 2pm back home and nap – Homework -7pm to the mosque for iftar – full swing tarawih – sleep.

There are days No.1 can only perform 8 rakaat. While waiting for us to complete until witir, he will recite Al-Quran.

No.1, your academic is not that excellent but I am totally happy and proud with your ‘hafazan. You do not need to be remind when to perform solat of recite Al-Quran. Keep on doing it sayang..


While we perform our terawih, No.2 and No.3 will stay at the nursery where the management of Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah provide it for free. No fees and the staffs are good in handling the kids and babies. Thank you MSSAAS.

As for this year, I open up a booth for Hanai at SACC Mall Shah Alam. The sale was good towards to the end of the month. Syukran jazillan. Insyallah there will be another new production for Eiduladha..



Syawal 1437

 *Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri followers *


its 5 of us now.

As many of you know that I am in my confinement session, that is why some of you might catch up with my hashtag #pantangwithstyle when I update my instagram.

#pantangwithstyle is all about my updates during my confinement. No, I do not apply ‘modern pantang’. I still go thru my tungku, param, pilis, massage with confinement lady, wearing socks, hair tide up, rest as much as i can. It is just that I dont wear kain batik and I do dress up every time guests come over to the house. I cant accept seeing myself attending the guests with the kusam pale face. I need to look fresh! Yes socks on almost all the time. To me during confinement, you need to feel and look fresh all the time. It gives you positive vibes!


Matching socks

This is my 2nd year celebrating Hari Raya with my parents. Thank you husband. On top of that, its my first raya with my own daughter. ‘My own daughter’! Haha, yes I do need to face the fact that i have my mini me now. Masih lagi adjust diri dengan status itu.




team raya Kedah & team raya Shah Alam. Thank you technology.

The best part of my Syawal so far is that I spent the whole month with my parents at their house (eventhough I really missed my own house) and guests keep on coming from day one. Thank you to all who came for raya and visit me and ‘Aaira. Another best part, we do not need to go through the traffic drama heading backs north to A’sim hometown. I heard friends trapped in the traffic more than 10 hours. I really missed Kedah but i totally hate the traffic drama.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Meet the 3rd A

After 9 month 7 days of deciding the name for the little one, finally ‘Aaira Binti Mohammad A’sim is the best for her.

عيرا means Noble, Honorable, Respectful


3rd A.. ‘Aaira A’sim عيرا عصيم

Been transferred to Violete Ward around 1 am. The whole Yems are there. Yems is a shortform of Ibrahim my Ayah. It is what we call our self as one. Yems got to meet ‘Aaira first before I arrived. Alhamdulillah I can still see the familiar faces of my loves one.


Yems.. A’mmar tidur

I missed my boys so much to be honest. A’mmar looks good with ‘Aaira but not ‘Aafi. Maybe tak biasa lagi. He refused to even look at ‘Aaira. Just doing his own thing with his toys. The moment Mak take ‘Aaira from me, ‘Aafi panjat katil dan terus peluk me sekuat hati. Aww.. I do understand him. Its ok, it will be a while insyallah”. 
The whole night it was like a normal night. Slept silently. ‘Aaira bangun sekali sahaja untuk menyusu. All of us were so tired. Alhamdulillah. That night and the next morning, my movements were so limited. Due to the 16 hours of labor pain. Nak berjalan kena di papah. I took that baby step bit by bit.

The next morning, pakhang fetch abang-abang to meet ‘Aaira. Suprisingly, ‘Aafi can sit by his baby sister and actually communicate with her. Terus nampak besar abang ‘Aafi! Syukur Alhamdulillah. That moment just the 5 of us. Feel so blessed to actually see the 3A and their Ayah. Thank you Allah for this opportunity.


The 3A

Spend 2 night warded. Just because I need extra help in my movements and more rest. Thank you a million to all the DEMC nurse and staff for helping me out from the beginning till the end. I am one happy patient to be serve by the professional staffs.


Dischraged.. thank you demc


Home we go 

Next destination will be my parents home for 44 days of confinement. My kind of confinement will be, no going out of the room without any reason and of course no way  I can go out of the house unless hospital trip. *Hahaha*. Good luck Hana! But one thing for sure, I really enjoy my pantang because Mak is ultimately awesome in handling me during confinement. Her confinement food are all delish! Alhamdulillah.

On her 7th day, pakhang brought ‘Aaira to Ustaz Farhan (the Lead Imam of Masjid Negeri the famous Blue Mosque in Shah Alam) for tahnik sesh. Thank you..

Tahnik means to chew a date, take a tiny amount of the pulp and put it in the newborn’s mouth. If date is not available, then any other sweet thing can be used in its place though using date is preferred.
Tahnik is an Islamic ceremony of touching the lips of a newborn baby with honey, sweet juice or pressed dates.During the times of Muhammad, Muslims would bring their newborn babies to him and he would perform Tahnik upon them.

Things that need to prepare: Dates, Air ZamZam, small scissors (to cut the hair)


Pantang Day 9

Happy Teachers Day

Happy teachers’ day I wish to:

1 ) Dad Mom

2 ) teacher school teacher

3 ) Lecturers

4 ) companions and friends

5 ) People around me

6 ) The husband

7 ) Subsidiary

All of the above is a teacher in my life. They taught and educated me. Without them, I will not know the true meaning of it all.

Ayah Mak

They are the very first teachers in my life . And definitely for sure also to all of you. They teach me things that the school does not teach. And most importantly they do not have a pension scheme *haha*, they remain a teacher for me for my entire life. I learned a lot from them since the day I was born. Terima kasih Ayah Mak . To Mak who was teacher, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! You are the favourite teacher to your student until today. Proud of you .

School teacher & Lecturers

Once we start schooling, the teacher took over. It’s not easy to become a teacher. I was once a kindy teacher and you can imagine how stressful i was handling 5 years old students! You must have passion and enthusiasm to teach all students. Back in school I was one of the naughty students. Poor teachers and lecturers had to put up with our nonsense. BUT during my time, teachers got no problem to fine the students because we accept it and actually enjoyed being fine. Hahah! There is no such way that I will go back and tell my mother because I know the next thing will happen if I complain to my parents, I’ll get another set of punishment from them. Hahah. Agree??  Thank you my teachers and lecturers from SIGS JB, Minden Heights Penang, SKS20 Shah Alam, SMKSSAAS Shah Alam, Sunway College, HELP Uni, Segi Uni College.

Friends & people around me

We live in a community environment. Of course we will communicate with people. There are times when my friends teach us new things, whether good or not. It depends to you to judge. They teach me about life. Some of the things that I learn can be bring home and share it with families. Some I just take it and understand about it only. Gotta be careful.


He is responsible for teaching me the meaning of love and affection. It is not easy to make a hard rock heart to love someone. Haha! Asim has taught me to be a compatible pair with him so that we both always seemed like not awkward or embarrassing and most likely awesome couple. Ececeh!!.. Hahah. Asim also the fact the person who changes me from being silly childish material to a someone who can be depend on. Alhamduilillah Allah grants my prayers by meeting him as my teacher who teach and prepare me for life in becoming a wife and mother.

My kids

they also my teacher. Because they teach me about patience and showed me how lucky I am to be a mother. They tested the patience since the first day they came in my life. Actually since the day I was pregnant. Beside patient, they taught me to be strong and not to give up. They always remind me that if life is so short. Blessed with as long as there is life, and be grateful to Allah swt because the fact of existence Mohammad A’mmar and Mohammad ‘Aafi are a gift from Allah swt.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all. You all are teachers for me.

I-city Waterpark

Our first time here. Thanks to Murni for the free entrance. We joined the media’s family day. So the whole park belong to us! Boys as usual had so much fun. And me had fun playing with A’s new babytoy #gopro. The park is not that compared to Sunway Lagoon. They have 4 different slides for older kids and adults. The rest of the park belongs to the kids.


30 tahun Najiha

Surprise demi surprise me and Sue buat untuk our forever big momma Najiha Hanum Mainur. Planned to celebrate her big 30 sebulan sebelum. Idea demi idea kami berdua share dengan dibantu oleh suami borthday girl Taufiq. We planned to be memorable for us especially Najiha because Najiha seems to be so down before her big 30.

1) Arrival of her favorite flower direct to her salon.

Thank you so much Ai Florist Express for the very last minute order and deliver. You did great!

2) Birthday Lunch session at Bubba Gump Citta Mall.

Totally not in our actual plan. But things came around in between. So sorry Najiha cant fullfill your ‘view lumch hi-tea birthday sesh’. Sue did all the nice balloon deco. Meriah sangat! Really had fun lunch sesh. No kids! Only 3 of us. Really reminds us during our school year. Alhamdulillah the friendship remain.

3) Swimming at The One Club

Another last minute plan while waiting for Sue’s new ride change the grill. Fetch the kids and off we go for the splish splash. Mums and kids sama naik riang ria. Late dinnner at Kayu Original. Totally a super fun day with them. Sadly hubs couldnt join us to to work. Happy 30th birthday Najiha! We love you very much.