Ramadhan 2017

This time of Ramadhan a bit challenging for me because No.3 is still a baby. No.1 complete his Ramadhan without missing even 1 day. Meanwhile No.2 missed 7 days. Its not a race tho. Its a practice for them. Alhamdulillah they manage to complete every single day without any complaints.

Speaking of No.3, she made me awake through out the nights of Ramadhan. Its a good thing tho eventhoug im totally zombified! With that i can perform my night prayers, chased the night of Lailatul Qadr, recite Al-Quran and keep on praying. I hope all my wish are granted. Insyallah.

I know the kids are tired too but seriously they manage to get thru after all they did that without any force. Here are their routines most of the days throughout the month of Ramadhan:

Sahur – Subuh at the mosque – 8am to school – 2pm back home and nap – Homework -7pm to the mosque for iftar – full swing tarawih – sleep.

There are days No.1 can only perform 8 rakaat. While waiting for us to complete until witir, he will recite Al-Quran.

No.1, your academic is not that excellent but I am totally happy and proud with your ‘hafazan. You do not need to be remind when to perform solat of recite Al-Quran. Keep on doing it sayang..


While we perform our terawih, No.2 and No.3 will stay at the nursery where the management of Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah provide it for free. No fees and the staffs are good in handling the kids and babies. Thank you MSSAAS.

As for this year, I open up a booth for Hanai at SACC Mall Shah Alam. The sale was good towards to the end of the month. Syukran jazillan. Insyallah there will be another new production for Eiduladha..



‘Aaira satu bulan

Selepas 30 hari menjadi cinderella jawa di rumah, hari ini makhang keluar melihat dunia. Padahal ke hospital sahaja untuk check up. 😝. Come on, its a big deal to all mothers who is going through confinement session.

Today mark my 30th day, meaning 2 more weeks to go! Before the hassle came along . 😭😭😭😭

Ibu & ‘Aaira


Rupanya masalah ‘baju apa nak pakai ni esok?’, memang wujud dari zaman kita dalam pantang lagi. No 1 world problem sangat. Malam semalam sesi mengemas diapers bag  dan seangkatannya. Pilih baju ni tak kena, tu tak kena. Selepas beberapa mix and match, last skali pakai yg paling mudah. 😜. Bukan takat anak ja serabut nak pakai apa, makhang pun sama naik.
Eventhough its only a hospital visit, it is definitely a big deal for me. Almaklum, last sekali nampak dunia 30hari lepas. Put on my jeans and white shirt with bokita and walk with confident with my Under Armour sneakers.’Aaira finally put on flower floral top that i bought 8 years ago from OshKosh. Masa tengah beli baju A’mmar dulu ternampak baju tu and I just bought it sebab geram. Hehe.

Check up untuk ibu dan anak. Dr.Jumeah & Dr.Ahmad.

Ibu: all clear and healthy. Dropped 8kg.

‘Aaira: good progrees. 3.8kg.

First time dapat guna Doona Stroller. Sesungguhnya, it is definitely a good investment on it. Sangat praktikal. Disebabkan handle dia boleh dipanjang pendekkan. ‘Aafi got the chance to push her sister all the way. Sangat cool ye Doona Stroller ni.


A2 being a protective brother to A3

Untuk kali pertama nya semenjak kelahiran A’mmar, makhang duduk belakang and baby got to seat infront. Well main thing is because pakhang bawak mini cooper and Aaira nyenyak tidur dalam stroller. I never like the idea a mother kena duduk belakang and baby got to sit infront. Hari ini bagi chance ok sebab ada sebab musabah. And i think we definitely need a new family car dont you think? Oh crap!, cukup tak suka discuss tentang kereta.

‘Yang, you duduk belakang. Aaira duduk depan dengan I’

Well someone definitely have his own little girlfriend n princess now. Me? Im still the queen. Hehe. Selesai checkup, kami beraya rumah Khong. Masih lagi menjaga pantang makan so i had sup tulang with ulam pegaga. Baamm! Sedap! And ikan patin. That i cant resist! Haha.

Hanim the tuan rumah

Oh someone sharing a table with us berkata ‘eh dalam pantang kan? Makan ikan patin?? Mana boleh’. Agak lost with words sebab mencuba mencari jawapan selain dari ‘so?’. Will sound rude tho! So i asked her ‘tak boleh ke?’ (Still i sounded like so rude). Oh come on!, nasi baru nak masuk mulut kot. She said ‘patin kan bisa. Pastu dalam pantang makan kekering je’. Dalam hati ku berkata, ‘kesian hang ni’. Malas nak layan, ku mulakan suapan dengan bacaan bismillah. Settle!.
On the way home, stop by di kedai tatèh seksyen 9. Bought bengkung and few other important thing. Oh rambang mata! Will definitely come back after habis pantang nanti. And im back to my perintah tahanan. 2 more weeks to go and im done.

Gang pillion APRC datang beraya

Syawal 1437

 *Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri followers *


its 5 of us now.

As many of you know that I am in my confinement session, that is why some of you might catch up with my hashtag #pantangwithstyle when I update my instagram.

#pantangwithstyle is all about my updates during my confinement. No, I do not apply ‘modern pantang’. I still go thru my tungku, param, pilis, massage with confinement lady, wearing socks, hair tide up, rest as much as i can. It is just that I dont wear kain batik and I do dress up every time guests come over to the house. I cant accept seeing myself attending the guests with the kusam pale face. I need to look fresh! Yes socks on almost all the time. To me during confinement, you need to feel and look fresh all the time. It gives you positive vibes!


Matching socks

This is my 2nd year celebrating Hari Raya with my parents. Thank you husband. On top of that, its my first raya with my own daughter. ‘My own daughter’! Haha, yes I do need to face the fact that i have my mini me now. Masih lagi adjust diri dengan status itu.




team raya Kedah & team raya Shah Alam. Thank you technology.

The best part of my Syawal so far is that I spent the whole month with my parents at their house (eventhough I really missed my own house) and guests keep on coming from day one. Thank you to all who came for raya and visit me and ‘Aaira. Another best part, we do not need to go through the traffic drama heading backs north to A’sim hometown. I heard friends trapped in the traffic more than 10 hours. I really missed Kedah but i totally hate the traffic drama.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Meet the 3rd A

After 9 month 7 days of deciding the name for the little one, finally ‘Aaira Binti Mohammad A’sim is the best for her.

عيرا means Noble, Honorable, Respectful


3rd A.. ‘Aaira A’sim عيرا عصيم

Been transferred to Violete Ward around 1 am. The whole Yems are there. Yems is a shortform of Ibrahim my Ayah. It is what we call our self as one. Yems got to meet ‘Aaira first before I arrived. Alhamdulillah I can still see the familiar faces of my loves one.


Yems.. A’mmar tidur

I missed my boys so much to be honest. A’mmar looks good with ‘Aaira but not ‘Aafi. Maybe tak biasa lagi. He refused to even look at ‘Aaira. Just doing his own thing with his toys. The moment Mak take ‘Aaira from me, ‘Aafi panjat katil dan terus peluk me sekuat hati. Aww.. I do understand him. Its ok, it will be a while insyallah”. 
The whole night it was like a normal night. Slept silently. ‘Aaira bangun sekali sahaja untuk menyusu. All of us were so tired. Alhamdulillah. That night and the next morning, my movements were so limited. Due to the 16 hours of labor pain. Nak berjalan kena di papah. I took that baby step bit by bit.

The next morning, pakhang fetch abang-abang to meet ‘Aaira. Suprisingly, ‘Aafi can sit by his baby sister and actually communicate with her. Terus nampak besar abang ‘Aafi! Syukur Alhamdulillah. That moment just the 5 of us. Feel so blessed to actually see the 3A and their Ayah. Thank you Allah for this opportunity.


The 3A

Spend 2 night warded. Just because I need extra help in my movements and more rest. Thank you a million to all the DEMC nurse and staff for helping me out from the beginning till the end. I am one happy patient to be serve by the professional staffs.


Dischraged.. thank you demc


Home we go 

Next destination will be my parents home for 44 days of confinement. My kind of confinement will be, no going out of the room without any reason and of course no way  I can go out of the house unless hospital trip. *Hahaha*. Good luck Hana! But one thing for sure, I really enjoy my pantang because Mak is ultimately awesome in handling me during confinement. Her confinement food are all delish! Alhamdulillah.

On her 7th day, pakhang brought ‘Aaira to Ustaz Farhan (the Lead Imam of Masjid Negeri the famous Blue Mosque in Shah Alam) for tahnik sesh. Thank you..

Tahnik means to chew a date, take a tiny amount of the pulp and put it in the newborn’s mouth. If date is not available, then any other sweet thing can be used in its place though using date is preferred.
Tahnik is an Islamic ceremony of touching the lips of a newborn baby with honey, sweet juice or pressed dates.During the times of Muhammad, Muslims would bring their newborn babies to him and he would perform Tahnik upon them.

Things that need to prepare: Dates, Air ZamZam, small scissors (to cut the hair)


Pantang Day 9

3rd labor story

Bismillahirahmanirahim. As promised, will share about my labor story. Sesungguhnya, lain kelahiran, lain caranya, lain sakitnya. Here goes….


All is well

Ramadhan yang ke 16. Masih kuat lagi berpuasa. Bangun sahur macam biasa. ‘Ok today marked 40 weeks.. masih tiada rasa atau keluar any tanda.. tenang Hana.. paling lewat esok juga bersalin dengan cara induce’. Selepas A’sim buat Tahajjud, dia buatkan air selusoh sebotol. Dapat la minum suku sebelum habis waktu. Selesai solat Subuh, baca Al-Quran surah Maryam. Susah bona ayat nya. Amalkan beberapa kali pun masih gagal nak lancar. Mungkin lidah ku keras kot.. *Oh surah Maryam bagus diamalkan sepanjang kita mengandung hingga nak melahirkan*. Amalkan ye..

“Ishk apesal semacm aje perut ni. Contraction ke?”. Teruskan bacaan. Tapi fikiran dah mula tertanya tanya rasa pelik yang selang berapa lama tu. Bacaan kiraan direcord menggunakan apps ‘Contraction Timer’. Ada both dari apple store and play store. Bila monitor untuk sejam gitu sah la rasanya contraction.


‘Babe, i think i dah ada contraction’. Baru dia nak ikat necktie terus terpancar muka happy renyih pakhang. (For those who are working sure you get what i mean 😆😝). As usual ill take my own sweet time nak bersiap. Mandi, pilih the best outfit yang ada la di rumah parents, put on a nice makeup, contacts and tudung baru from NealofarHijab. “Ok Hana, this will be it. Mungkin kau balik mungkin kau tidak. Rancangan Allah. Jangan takut”. 


All is well

The boys tak pergi sekolah sebab I want to spend time with them. Around 11am kami keluar rumah ke dobi hantar laundry and singgah rumah ambil my hospital bag. Masih lagi tenang even contraction memang confirm dah wujud. Arrived DEMC sambil pujuk hati kata “just a normal checkup je Hana. Lepas ni kita pi shopping raya last kopek”. Sutera lounge DEMC memudahkan urusan segalanya sebab ni first time nak bersalin di DEMC.

Bacaan contraction mengconfirmkan memang ada naik turunnya. ‘Puan dah ada contraction tapi masih mild lagi. Pangkal rahim di belakang lagi. Labor room penuh sekarang, puan stay sini sahaja dan encik boleh naik ward untuk letak barang. Puan di labor room sahaja aje ye’. Masih tak set mind lagi yang YOU GONNA PUSH SOON HANA!.

Around 345pm baru nak amik wudhu untuk solat Zuhor, finally tanda keluar. Darah again. Sama seperti A’mmar n ‘Aafi. Rata rata kata kalau tandanya darah, sakitnya lebih padu dari air ketuban. Wallahualam. So berbuka puasa la dengan roti sandwich 3. Alhamdulillah. Dapat berpuasa penuh 15hari sepanjang Ramadhan. Sementara menunggu labor room ready, layan whatsapp dengan family and beberapa orang kesayangan hati ku. In between contraction makin dirasai.


All is well

Masuk labor room I requested for gym ball. Apa reasonnya? To distract me from the stress of contraction. Mula la  menyalin ‘uniform’ rasmi. Melayan sakit yang kejap mai kejap pi, gelak gelak dengan pakhang, taking photos, updating whatsapp dan set mood nak meneran. Yes I have an issue to set the mood. Takut? Semestinya. Kenapa? Memacam yang terlintas. Yet again i always hold to this statement from someone “Jangan risau kalau Allah dah atur”..

Hate the clock so much! 😖

Jam 6pm bukaan dah 7cm. Kalau ikutkan pengalaman lepas, 7cm ke zero (10cm) paling lama 30min. ‘Ok bab (yes pakhang panggil makhang gitu.. hahaha), insyallah time berbuka u bersalin’. Sakit keep on coming kerap sangat. Dah mula baring atas katil. Masih lagi berwhatsapp and update yang berkenaan. Just to distract and tak stress sangat.

Disulam dengan dia mai dia pi. Pakhang dok baca surah Maryam. Mula ku fikir macam macam atas katil. Mulut tak berhenti berdoa diampunkan dosa, nangis, menggigil, stresa, mengerang semua ada. Mula ambil gas untuk dikhayalkan. Pangkal rahim di tarik turun sekali lagi oleh Dr. Jumeah sebab dia masih lagi berada di atas.


All is well

Its frustrated bila nurse datang check at 830pm, masih lagi 7cm. Allahuakbar. Terasa sakit sangat. Susah sangat. Mengucap tanpa henti. Berdoa tanpa limit. Minta maaf pada pakhang berulang kali. ‘Permudahkan lah permudahkan lah permudahkan lah’. 
I almost gave up. Terlampau letih. Tapi ayat “jangan takut kalau Allah dah atur”. Keep on fighting to the maximum.

Disuruh mengiring ke kiri dan meneran dalam keadaan mengiring. I can feel the baby head and time tu sangat sakit dan dalam keadaan khayal dan berserah pada Allah. What i heard nurse, doctor, pakhang dok kata ‘doctor, dah zero’. ‘Ok hana ni saya ni doctor. Kita push ye. We go for normal. Saya tak potong’. ‘Come on sayang, you gone through this far. Habis kan’. 


All is well

Alhamdulillah 2 kali push, 11.09pm the baby is out. Masyallah, putihnya! Merahnya bibir!. Tak ada darah di kulit baby. Sangat bersih. Masyallah.. ‘Doctor, confirm baby girl?’ Doctor gelak bila dengar soalan tu. 😝😆😝😆. Mulut ku tak berhenti mohon keampunan lagi dan berterima kasih pada Allah. Masih dipanjang umur dan diberi peluang untuk tengok anak anak membesar. Allahuakbar.. that particular moment with that particular feeling. Allah…
Melihat pakhang mengazankan ke telinga baby, terkenang kembali setiap saat dia disisi ku tanpa meninggalkan ku langsung. Kuat, tenang, tak gelabah biawak,  supportive. Thank you…

Received a huge amount of support from my family and kesayangan. You know who you guys are. Thank you a million for all the doa. Makanya Allah itu segalanya..


All is well

Next post will be about the first meet up with the newborn.