Ramadhan 2017

This time of Ramadhan a bit challenging for me because No.3 is still a baby. No.1 complete his Ramadhan without missing even 1 day. Meanwhile No.2 missed 7 days. Its not a race tho. Its a practice for them. Alhamdulillah they manage to complete every single day without any complaints.

Speaking of No.3, she made me awake through out the nights of Ramadhan. Its a good thing tho eventhoug im totally zombified! With that i can perform my night prayers, chased the night of Lailatul Qadr, recite Al-Quran and keep on praying. I hope all my wish are granted. Insyallah.

I know the kids are tired too but seriously they manage to get thru after all they did that without any force. Here are their routines most of the days throughout the month of Ramadhan:

Sahur – Subuh at the mosque – 8am to school – 2pm back home and nap – Homework -7pm to the mosque for iftar – full swing tarawih – sleep.

There are days No.1 can only perform 8 rakaat. While waiting for us to complete until witir, he will recite Al-Quran.

No.1, your academic is not that excellent but I am totally happy and proud with your ‘hafazan. You do not need to be remind when to perform solat of recite Al-Quran. Keep on doing it sayang..


While we perform our terawih, No.2 and No.3 will stay at the nursery where the management of Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah provide it for free. No fees and the staffs are good in handling the kids and babies. Thank you MSSAAS.

As for this year, I open up a booth for Hanai at SACC Mall Shah Alam. The sale was good towards to the end of the month. Syukran jazillan. Insyallah there will be another new production for Eiduladha..



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