My Father

His tears are expensive. Very hard to see him cry. He only talk with facts. A person that you dont want to argue with. He was super strict. He never let me sleepover my friends house or went to the mall with them. Whenever i got question when he thinks ‘you are still small to know the right answer’ , he will always reply ‘when the time comes you will know’. Which i implement the same thing to my kids (haha i know how annoying it was). But its true. He never fail to be there supporting me through out my sports days. He was a sport person presenting states. Idol!. He was so proud of me. He always shower me with the best of the best. He never spank or yell at me. He treated me like a princess. He would interview all my boy friends about the family background. He always snap my friends photos who ever came to the house (afraid they will ran me off maybe 🤣). He never allow me to date A’sim by myself which he will ask Angah to follow me everywhere. He would make the ‘horror phonecalls’ sharp 7pm and 11pm asking my exact location. Lucky those days no canggih smartphones to share locations. He asked me to prove about A’sim qualification and secure job. Being a diplomatic officer is the job that made him happy the day he knew A’sim was in the processed on applying it. He loves me so much. I know that it crashed his heart whenever he attended a wedding or gathering whereby his friend’s kids graduated or studied from a overseas/ good uni/ attended a good course. I never make him proud in my education. Yet again he always praised me as in i got straight A’s. When i was in form 5 on parents teachers meeting, he came down with kain pelekat+baju melayu+tongkat+pipe. It was so funny! How busy he was, he will make sure everyday he will spend some times together. Every year malam raya, he will drive us to KL just to enjoy the KL raya moments. Its like every year must do thing. He is a smart person that everybody look up to until today. Im proud to carry ‘Ibrahim’ in my name where ever i go. I got a full blessing from him to settle down with A’sim. He never let me go. Because i am forever his little girl. Happy fathers day Ayah. I love you more than you know.



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