the reason I share..

I have been blogging since yonk of years. If you are my followers, I do share here and there about my personal life through blogging, myspace and friendster (back then), twitter and facebook as the famous social media now and then comes instagram. Im not a public figure nor a star. Its just a lady behind the screen sharing every bits of moments with the viewers without having any intention on getting more likes or followers.

‘Rajin nya la hai nak update update’ … ‘Why must you share it in social media? Bahaya ok’ … ‘Sikit sikit share, you think people care?’

And the feed backs keep on coming in. Its true, why should I? Its even true that it is dangerous!.  But come on, I dont simply share the details about sensitive things.

”My brain is not paralyzed yet”– Will from Me Before You 2016. *haha*

My reason:

When my time has come, I shall go. The only left are the memories of me are all my posts and updates. When you read about me or see my posts in your timeline, pray for me, forgives me, make the best dua’ for me and remember me. It is also for my kids to know about their ibu and perhaps my grandchild as well? *haha*, who knows right?!

Besides that, its for me to look back in the past about my own life and people around me. I should say thank you to Facebook Memories because everyday it makes me smile and make me believe that without yesterday, I wont be here today.


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