Meet the 3rd A

After 9 month 7 days of deciding the name for the little one, finally ‘Aaira Binti Mohammad A’sim is the best for her.

عيرا means Noble, Honorable, Respectful


3rd A.. ‘Aaira A’sim عيرا عصيم

Been transferred to Violete Ward around 1 am. The whole Yems are there. Yems is a shortform of Ibrahim my Ayah. It is what we call our self as one. Yems got to meet ‘Aaira first before I arrived. Alhamdulillah I can still see the familiar faces of my loves one.


Yems.. A’mmar tidur

I missed my boys so much to be honest. A’mmar looks good with ‘Aaira but not ‘Aafi. Maybe tak biasa lagi. He refused to even look at ‘Aaira. Just doing his own thing with his toys. The moment Mak take ‘Aaira from me, ‘Aafi panjat katil dan terus peluk me sekuat hati. Aww.. I do understand him. Its ok, it will be a while insyallah”. 
The whole night it was like a normal night. Slept silently. ‘Aaira bangun sekali sahaja untuk menyusu. All of us were so tired. Alhamdulillah. That night and the next morning, my movements were so limited. Due to the 16 hours of labor pain. Nak berjalan kena di papah. I took that baby step bit by bit.

The next morning, pakhang fetch abang-abang to meet ‘Aaira. Suprisingly, ‘Aafi can sit by his baby sister and actually communicate with her. Terus nampak besar abang ‘Aafi! Syukur Alhamdulillah. That moment just the 5 of us. Feel so blessed to actually see the 3A and their Ayah. Thank you Allah for this opportunity.


The 3A

Spend 2 night warded. Just because I need extra help in my movements and more rest. Thank you a million to all the DEMC nurse and staff for helping me out from the beginning till the end. I am one happy patient to be serve by the professional staffs.


Dischraged.. thank you demc


Home we go 

Next destination will be my parents home for 44 days of confinement. My kind of confinement will be, no going out of the room without any reason and of course no way  I can go out of the house unless hospital trip. *Hahaha*. Good luck Hana! But one thing for sure, I really enjoy my pantang because Mak is ultimately awesome in handling me during confinement. Her confinement food are all delish! Alhamdulillah.

On her 7th day, pakhang brought ‘Aaira to Ustaz Farhan (the Lead Imam of Masjid Negeri the famous Blue Mosque in Shah Alam) for tahnik sesh. Thank you..

Tahnik means to chew a date, take a tiny amount of the pulp and put it in the newborn’s mouth. If date is not available, then any other sweet thing can be used in its place though using date is preferred.
Tahnik is an Islamic ceremony of touching the lips of a newborn baby with honey, sweet juice or pressed dates.During the times of Muhammad, Muslims would bring their newborn babies to him and he would perform Tahnik upon them.

Things that need to prepare: Dates, Air ZamZam, small scissors (to cut the hair)


Pantang Day 9


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