No.3 in 3rd trimester.

Currently im heavy as whale. 34th weeks-not gaining weight that much-Back pain is killing me so much. Little one inside is so active. Not like when im carrying the two boys. Im not complaining here. *Haha*. But thats the fact tho. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Limitation in moving around because im heavy and baby too active.


34th week

Last 2 weeks found out little one sonsang. Again!, i never experienced this with A’mmar and ‘Aafi. I got tired easily because of the movements inside. Last few days gynea told me baby is back in position. Alhamdulillah. Phew!, all worries gone. But!, it doesnt stay long. A day after i can feel the baby head turn again. This morning my bidan came and confirm that baby songsang again. She helps to pujuk the baby to turn back down. Amazingly baby followed Kak Mimi’s says. Once Kak Mimi (my bidan) left, I can feel the baby turn back up again.

Some people enjoy the movement but when it is like a daily thing and almost all the time theres a movement, its A PAIN  we call it. 😭😭😭:twisted::twisted::twisted:. Keep on praying and ุงู„ู„ู‡ knows better.

Didnt spend that much because its the 3rd one. But we did bought Doona Stroller. Bought it during TCE Baby Expo. Oh!, so practical and very perfect for me. I can wait to stroll with it.
Bought also a new breast pump. I used Madela freestyle for 6 years and finally the motor jammed. No more warranty. So decided to get a new one. Did a lot of research what the best beside Madela (of course its good and expensive because its a trusted brand). Finally i found a Malaysian Made breastpump name Malish Celia. Havent try and havent heard. Read the reviews more to positive point. Also got it at TCE Baby Expo.
Other than that new bedding (still using the 8 years old Graco Play Pan), toiletries and some rompers.



Discussed with A’sim before and we agreed to get a temporary maid for Mak. Since ill be doing my pantang at my parents house. At least wth the help from tge maid, Mak will be more relax in handling me. A good friend loan us the maid for 3 month. Syukur. Was so happy. Everything went well untill the 4th day Ayah called asking where’s the maid?? She ran away! Nanges!!!!! For what reason we totally have no idea at all. Now im stress again to find a temporary maid. Oh,my friemd also have no idea where’s the maid go. They cant detect her. Haish, not all of them but because of some of them, everyone of them will be label with lots of names. Kesian..

Daily routine
..make a simple breakfast (sometimes).
..prepare A’mmar school bag. him to school witH ‘Aafi who is halfly awake.
..breakfast with the gang or go home straight. chores (never ending thing) / hang out with friends
..fetch A’mmar evening nap
..maghrib to Masjid Negeri for A’mmar Quran lesson.
..roti canai time


Its the same thing everyday. A’sim is so busy lately and without any choices that i can see, staying strong to complete my day without complaining is all that i need. But lately, i do have a difficulties in moving around. I believe ุงู„ู„ู‡ knows better insyallah.

Alhamdulillah. I dont have any. Selera makan pun not that good. Not into rice THAT much. But im into ice cube. Blame the hot sunny day! Hahaha.


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