TVC Maggi Ramadhan

Did a tvc shoot with well known Chef Zam for Maggi Raya Recipe. There were 6 different episode and I am the 6th episode. Need to memorize few lines regarding the recipe.

My menu were Masak Lodeh and Sambal TUmis. Actually i got no problem with the recipe because its my almost every year Aidilfitri’s menu. Haha, Sempoi ja.

Some asked me whats the experience?: My advice, if you really want to work in this industry, STOP COMPLAINING and STOP COMPARING. Every production teams are different. Just enjoy the day and meet new people. I enjoyed mine. And I learned a lot in every job.

Pizza as our meal of the day even I was craving for the Maggi soup in the studio. Haha.

20140617_160411 20140617_172545 20140617_190547 20140617_190901  20140617_22434620140617_224003

C360_2014-06-17-23-25-06-463 C360_2014-06-17-23-33-59-327 IMG-20140617-WA0042 IMG-20140724-WA0014


Semestinya Maggi.. Selamat Hari Raya

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