Train Ride

Its been awhile we never go on the public transportation. Here we go again because of A’mmar really want to go on a train. Last time with Oma (my mother), this time round Ayah join over to our little adventure. Not just Ayah but Jajang (my BIL. Thats what the boys call him because Shakir suppoedly to be call as Pak Njang). 

Parked our car KL Sentral Station. Acted totally like tourist. Well weh have to because we were so clueless at the beginning where and which should we go. All we know that our final destination will be KLCC (of course! where else right?). Only paid for me and Mr.A tickets. One way to KLCC. On the way called Shakir and told him about our mini adventure. So we met at station Masjid Jamik. He is here for the new TRW Away Jercey Launching at Bangunan MARA. 

Had our super late lunch at Apartment Restaurant and enjoy the rest of the evening chitchatting and going around some shops. Bought new compression tights from Reebok price at RM105. 

Oh the kids! Obviously they had fun going on the train ride and enjoyed the water fountain show at the klcc park. They behaved really well. Arrived back at the KL Sentral station about 10pm more less. The kids and us parents are tired but definitely a day to remember. 

4 star for the LRT service. Super clean till you cant see any cigarettes been throw around. No such as masam smell in the coaster. Nothing ugly can be seen inside the train and also along the station. Some of you might argue by saying “you only go to the tourist attraction center. Cuba hang pi tempat ceruk’. Well we were a tourist that day remember? Lol!. 

I got no idea why some people keep on complaining about our LRT systems. Bagus weih compare to some of the negara membangun for example Europe. For those who have experience their train will understand what im talking about. Yang penting train kita tak masam! Last time our komuter have the same masam problem. Not sure about now. This is MY thoughts. Dont bash me if you dont agree with it. *peace*

A bit dissapointed with the staffs working behind the counter at station Bandaraya. I asked you proper question, you should return it with a proper way. NEVER ASSUME every Malaysian citizen know about the LRT systems. You should be friendly like KL Sentral and KLCC station. Yet again yes its a tourist stations. That is why Ive been treated in a good manner. But no, that shouldn’t be the excuses for the Bandaraya station staff or any other so call not popular station t not treat equally. 

‘Budi bahasa amalan bersama’

I really miss travelling abroad so much. Need to kumpul all the money in the piggy bank and travel this year. HAVE TO! Work hard is a must. 


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