30 tahun Najiha

Surprise demi surprise me and Sue buat untuk our forever big momma Najiha Hanum Mainur. Planned to celebrate her big 30 sebulan sebelum. Idea demi idea kami berdua share dengan dibantu oleh suami borthday girl Taufiq. We planned to be memorable for us especially Najiha because Najiha seems to be so down before her big 30.

1) Arrival of her favorite flower direct to her salon.

Thank you so much Ai Florist Express for the very last minute order and deliver. You did great!

2) Birthday Lunch session at Bubba Gump Citta Mall.

Totally not in our actual plan. But things came around in between. So sorry Najiha cant fullfill your ‘view lumch hi-tea birthday sesh’. Sue did all the nice balloon deco. Meriah sangat! Really had fun lunch sesh. No kids! Only 3 of us. Really reminds us during our school year. Alhamdulillah the friendship remain.

3) Swimming at The One Club

Another last minute plan while waiting for Sue’s new ride change the grill. Fetch the kids and off we go for the splish splash. Mums and kids sama naik riang ria. Late dinnner at Kayu Original. Totally a super fun day with them. Sadly hubs couldnt join us to to work. Happy 30th birthday Najiha! We love you very much.


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