December I love you

The only month that I will always look forward. 14hb: anniversary. 15hb: my birthday.

As for this year I receive no present because I dont ask to. What I want was to spend time with my little family. Just the 4 of us. My inlaw did arrange a small doa selamat for us and the rest too at Kedah. Celebrated Faisal, Ayah, My birthday, our anniversary and Ayu (sis inlaw) got pregnant. Alhamdulillah, terasa sangat disayangi. Sebab mereka meraikan saya,

Setiap kali birthday sudah tentu orang pertama yang akan wish adalah Mak. Terima kasih banyak banyak Mak kerana membesarkan daku. As for anniversary, husband never fail to put smile on my face. Thank you for everything.

Bila balik Shah Alam, as usual setiap tahun kami akan  keluar for a dinner get together. It calls ‘The Yems Yearly Makan Makan’. This year we had supper at PJ Hilton. All of us celebrate our dearly December together.

10.12.1983 : Anniversary Mak Ayah

14.12.2007 : Anniversary A’sim Hana

15.12.1984 : My birthday

26.12.1986 : Birthday Angah

Di Kedah


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