A’mmar 5 years old

Happy birthday my dear Abang A’mmar. I grow up so fast. Sorry again me and Ayah are not able to plan any big birthday party like your firends had. It doesnt matter i think. But we do celebratee your birthday with important peoples like Oma, Atok, Mummy Najiha, Zara. Ayah were not around because he is away for DPA training at Sungai Petani. Aunty Dilla bought you an expensive set of trucks and lorries as well. What most important is that we have each other side by side. On your birthday like every other years, we go out and spent some money to buy what ever toys that you like. You are so into dinosour lately. I dont understand how dinosours actually amazed you alot. Well it is better compare to ultramen or any not logic cartoon character.

There’s only one thing that you requested for your birthday. Conversation was like this:

Ibu: A’mmar, what do you want for your birthday? A’mmar nak friends? Nak birthday cakes and all?

A’mmar: Tak nak la ibu. I nak naik bas aje! Ok ibu? Only bus.

Celebrate with Oma & Atok



Happy face after purchasing the bus ticket to Penang







Celebrate with Mummy Jiha and Zara


Birthday gift from Aunty Dilla



Be a good son to your parents, a good brother to your siblings and very great ummah to the All Mighty Allah swt. I love you so much baby boy.


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