‘Aafi rota virus

Here we go again. My ‘Aafi been attack with Rota Virus. This is ‘Aafi first time here been admitted. Your ayah were not around when Dr. Ling decided to take you to the ward for detail checking. Ayah came home immediately after he received the news. You have such a caring ayah boys. Alhadulillah ‘Aafi rota virus not as bad as A’mmar last time because you already got the vaccine at the earlier stage. Well lesson learnt from the eldest kid as usual!. Only vomit without any high fever. But you do not show any sakit at all sepanjang duduk being warded. You were so active and normal. Alhamdulillah. Stayed there for 3 nights and thank you Ayah for paying AIA insurance for ‘Aafi. Free!


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