Alia’s surprise baby shower

What a great day I can say. Started with Murni’s open house. Got to meet old buddies from primary school. Great catching up sesh with them. Hope to see them more often in the future.

Followed up with Alia’s suprise babyshower at Milk & Butter Restaurant Bangsar. She’s expecting baby boy anytime soon insyallah.  Lana is a year old and she is very pretty girl.  Definitely comes from her mom’s beauty. Got to meet Hasbe, Fara, Shae, Shinaz, Kak Elly and few other friends.

Loving the lime and yellow combo decorated by Hasbe. Everyone had fun. No games just catching up with them.

My day doesnt end up just like that. After sending Lyn home, me and Alia went for a coffee sesh with Jaja at Coffee Planet. What a great news to know that Jaja is expecting as well! 5month pregnant. Im so happy!. She will be delivering the beautiful baby at Japan due in January 2014. Masyallah, I am being serrounded with beautiful mommy to be soon. Alia, Lyn and Jaja. Really had so much fun and laugh with them! We seldom meet each other but in our heart there is always places for each and everyone of us.

Good night everyone.


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