Get Gorgeous 6th Anniversary

Thank you so much to Getgorgeous Boutique and Ziadora for the invitation. Had so much fun on that day and its my first ever ME time after giving birth to ‘Aafi. The kids stayed at home with their dad and Aishah.

We came a lil bit late due to the kids need some attention.  But its good tho atleast I can spend more time with the the humble owner of Getgorgeous Boutique. Its a muslimah boutique located at Wangsa Maju area or you can buy it online at

Its an opportunity for me to meet our local singer Farah Asyikin one of the contestant fron One in a Million show. Alhamdulillah she choose to hijrah inside out. She totally change 360′. She never regret on her decision. Listening to her ‘hijrah’ proses really makes me think back about myself. Not everyone can receive such a hidayah like she get.

Lets enjoy the photos.




With the orang kuat Getgorgeous


With Ziadora & Farah Asyikin



I couldnt handle this. Asyik celup celup aje


Me time!


Us in Classy Tweed Jacket


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