Singapore Energizer Trail Run

Another run in Singapore. My first trail running. Its a yearly event for Energizer. Started with 3km obstacle trail run at 3pm. Need to complete all the 6 obstacles within 30minutes of time. Lari satu group dengan gang-gang Original Chief Boot Camp (ocbc) memang kena tinggal la saya. Takpe, janji habis. Thank you husband and kak nani sebab tunggu kami habis 3km. Its like a an introduction to viper challenge in August. It was awesome!


After 3km

At night, we join the 6km trail night run. Running in the dark with the help of energizer head lamp. Totally awesome experience. Met few of Malaysian. Very well organized. When it come to trail running means you mental need to be in a center position. Or else memang koyak!


Done 6km

Wait for the next entry!. Pasti anda tak akan percaya. Kerja gila



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