Keek Apps

*wave*.. fenomena terbaru.. *wave*. So suddenly everyone start having a Keek account. Walhal ini sudah lama. Maybe tidak famous. Maka beri laluan dahulu pada instagram. Now everybody start ‘keek-ing’. If you notice something, cara keek-ers sebut ‘Hello keek’ adalah semacam. Its like the sengau thing and muka cute or blur. Hahaha. Oh!, I also did that.

Keek apps is actually a social video camera application. Users are given 30second to keek (record) whatever they want and upload it. You can link your uploaded keek to facebook or twitter.

Oh bagi mamarazi, paparazi, kak nam, kak maria dan segala celebrity lovers, keek adalah application yang sesuai untuk anda ada or must have!. Ramai artis tempatan dan antarabangsa yang punyai keek ini.


Im no one for you all to follow. Bukan celebrity or politician. Im just a bathroom singer and bodyguard to my kids. Muahaha


11 June 2012 keek saya wujud.Tapi first video about KRU. Haha.

Happy keek-ing you all.

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