The Yem’s 2012 year end dinner

The dinner is like our yearly routine. December is like our most celebrating month. This is because:

10th Dec: Ayah Mak Anniversary

14th Dec: My anniversary

15th Dec: My birthday

26th Dec: Azman’s birthday

31st Dec: New Year

You can see that how fun and pokai is December for us right. Heheh… So we will choose any of the dates and celebrate all the dates at one night. Hah! Senang!. Ayah is the person who will tell us when and where will we be having dinner together. But as i go through my albums i can see that almost every year we will have Japanese foods for dinner. Alhamdulillah, all of us just love japanese foods so much! No doubt!. For 2012, we had our japanese foods at Genji Restaurant PJ Hilton. Thank you Ayah!!!..

602789_10152354024640104_633589593_n 1453_10152354034095104_1217845494_n 406694_10152354034265104_552790776_n 483227_10152354028260104_520417794_n 383632_10152354033590104_1660740960_n 247236_10152354025975104_703069727_n 188782_10152354033325104_1004525561_n

Happy Anniversary to Mak Ayah, Me Hubby and happy birthday to Angah and me. Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New year resolution? Stay fit and healthy most of the time. As for the rest let the day works with it.



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