Newton Challenge 2012 and total run in 2012

I thought I am done with marathon for 2012. Rupanya ada lagi satu on the 30th December. 12km newton challenge in Bukit Kinrara Puchong. Up down hills and slope here and there. The most so not cool PR. It okey because i did not run for about a week before the race starts. As usual Shuhid run with me and as usual she will finish first. Met Aim’s cousin Shahrin you ran for 25km. 


.…My marathon report for 2012….

Since May 2012-December 2012.

Total runs: 8

Total distance: 76km


Team Malaysia Fan Run (3km)

-Standard Chartered KL Marathon (10km)

-Ntv7 Feel Good Run (7km)

-Putrajaya NIght Marathon (10km)

-Great Eastern Live Great Run (12km)

-BSN Penang Bridge Marathon (10km)

-Malakoff Run (12km)

-Newton Challenge (12km)

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