Different people different way.

Ada yang berpendapat montage video perkahwinan kami tak sesuai sebabnya macam tak up to date or tak catchy. What my parents and production cuba tunjukkan dari montage itu bukan loving stories pengantin sahaja. But they present to the guests who the pengantin are. Lifestyle, backgrounds, our interests, our similarities and most importantly the relationship between the parents. Kudos to my photographer and videographer team ACT Production kak Siti Hadejah for capturing every single bit of the moment. We definitely owe you. Tiap kali tengok montage tu confirm leleh air mata ku. Masih ingat pesan akak ‘hana tak akan faham tindak tanduk mak ayah hinggalah hana jadi seorang ibu. It is not easy to let go your own child’. Yes kak. I got what you mean now. Thank you so much!



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