Little Calliph Intifal Night 2012

Its A’mmar first concert. Held at Smk (J) Chee Hew USJ1. A’mmar is the youngest 4 years old at LC Platinum morning session. He got no problem performing on stage and no stage fright at all. Bravo to the teachers!. I was so impressed with the kids at the age of 4-6 years old they can actually recite Surrah Al-Fatihah, Qursy and Yassin til verse 10. Alhamdulillah. This is what I want my kids to learn. Prepare for akhirat and not forgetting dunia. A’mmar need to be in white jubah. Masyallah. He was so cute! Even other kids also look so cute. Met the founder of Little Caliph. On that night, me and hubs decided to continue sending A’mmar to LC. Insyallah. Good job teachers and students.



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