BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon

Had another night date with my adrenaline rush baby. This time 10km or it is actually 11.6km. Manage to complete it with not so nice timing but i really enjoyed the run as the weather was totally awesome. Ali my parent’s neighbor join the marathon for the first time. And for a first timer i can say that he did good job because he can complete 11.6km at 1hr 50min time. Congrats adik!. Met Shuhid who participates in 21km. Afer the race, straight away she drive to Singapore for Nike SG the next morning. My next run will be Allianz Penang Bridge Marathon and ill end up my 2012 Marathon journy with Malakoff in December. Congrats runners!




another achievement


21km n 10km finisher


before and after

A big thank you to my darling Aishah for taking care of my kids. And thank you hubby for sending me off to the race. If there’s a thing that i can wish for is that i wish we can run again together again like old tims. I really miss those days. I believe we can run together again sooner or later.


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