Mak-mak day out

From Help University life to Segi College untill now, we remain as ones. Ups and downs together. Laughter and sadness. Friendship remain this way forever.



That’s us!. Growing old together. Now all of us have our own responsibilities. It was a great time catching up sesh together. We had lunch at TGIF Setia City Mall, Setia Mall. It was my first time there. Not bad at all. sayonara One Utama, KLCC, Mid Valley. You are no more important not top of my list anymore. Three of us tag along our kids accept Jaja. Had a little shopping at H&M. Four of us went crazy. All over the store. But at the end we only bought few pieces. Oh speaking about H&M, when I look at my friends;s instagram I was like ‘wow! havoc! looks fun and exciting’. But when Im there, frankly speaking, nothing WOW WOW WOW me at all!. Its like Cotton On or Forever 21. Maybe it is still new in Malaysia. Oh, how I miss H&M London so much!. nevermind, give Malaysia some times to improve shall we. but the kids section really WOW me!. I bought few pants for my 2 handsome son. I had fun with the girls. Should do it again while Jaja is here in Malaysia.

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