2nd strike

Remember my previous post about ‘Robbed‘? Here I am today blogging about the same thing but different day. Hmm.. Last week on Wednesday was the first strike. Six days later which is on Tuesday, second strike hit!! Yes!, they repeat! My parent’s house been robbed for the second time in one week time! How scary is that? Freaking shi*z right??! Husband not around, parents not around too. I need to handle this on my own. I thank my parents neighbor for helping me out.

When i got the phone call from my parent’s neighbor, quickly I drove to their place and polices were in the house armed!. I think there was more than 10 police searching area the house. I was lost and seriously I cant think straight. Why? Why on earth must this happened??!! My feelings at that moment just cannot be describe because personally I do not know how to react. I just sat at one corner and shalawat. Thats all i can do. Just that…


2nd strike’s entrance






Ya Allah. Limdungilah kami. Apa yang kau nak beri ni sampai kuat sangat ujian kau turunkan pada kami?


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