Parents are away for their Hajj so their house are empty. Even though they are not around, I still come everyday and lepak their house. On Thursday when I came home, i saw THIS!



Everything were not in order! I grabbed A’mmar with ‘Aafi sleeping in my arms and run out from the house because I freaked out that the buglers were still in the house. Called my neighbor’s maid and asked her to call her boss. While waiting for the cops to arrive, I search around the house, from where does those idiots sneak in through the toilet.


They left a finger prints on the window and I hope they got busted. All valuables things gone missing. Need to call my parents because their credit cards also gone missing. They were so worried. But knowing them, they will be ok soon. Thank you PDRM for the fast respond and good work. I hope you catch the holigons and ask them to clean back all the mess that they have done!


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