Lovely Sunday

Started our day with a jog. A’mmar and ‘Aafi joined us as well. Head over to our favorite nasi lemak stall (motif jogging?). Well it is all about doing it together tho.
Dinsour time! went to Pusat Sains Negara for Dino Exhibition. Najiha, Taufiq and beautiful Zara were there too. Long que! Lucky us because Najiha arrived early than us so they bought us the tickets. A’mmar and Zara really enjoy their time there. RM15 per entry. Worth of paying. I call it the most educational playground ever!. Even the parents love it!. Should bring a’mmar there again. As usual, A’mmar always get excited before everything started. Bila nampak je dinosour, terus menangis. 

I just love impromptu trip. While playing with the kids, A’sim said ‘jom Bukit TInggi’. We agreed on the spot. Had lunch separately. Najiha went to Nirwana for nasi daun pisang and we had A&W near toll Gombak. A claimed by Najiha, this is her first outing with friends. Aww, Im happy because finally she get what she wants. Going to plan more trips in the future. 

Cruise down the hills, drop A’mmar at my parents place, change our attire to Shasha’s wedding at KL. Known her since year 2002 when me and my brother were on our Euro trip for a month. Her dad is the owner of Tupai-tupai Restaurant. Congratulation dik! Alhamdulillah. ‘Aafi joined us as well. Behaving really good! Some of the guest were surprised about him. Next destination is Lala Land. Zzzzz

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