Jaundice Free!

Baby dragon’s first visit to see Dr.Ling since he was born. It is his 8th day. So relieved that doctor said he’s fine healthy baby and free from jaundice. Alhamdulillah. Doctor asked me to continue breastfeeding and if possible make it up to 2 years like I did to A’mmar. InsyAllah. That is my mission!. Took him to the hospital accompanied by the proud father. 
Dr.Ling and his nurse (Mama)
My 8th day of confinement.
our first family photo! Yeay!
It is his 9th day today. He is a healthy 3.22kg baby boy. Malam banyak ragam? (soalan standard). So far so good. He have been sleeping in his own baby crib since day one and he got no problem with it. Every 2hours I will wake up and feed him. Oma and the gang busy preparing for little man big day tomorrow. Will update about it once everything settle. And I will be announcing the baby name tomorrow once the majlis is done. InsyAllah.
pusat dah tnggal so this gonna be the new style of sleeping.. happy baby

favorite spot!

My 2 babies

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