Proud mother of two

‘Ya Allah, thank you so much for what you have given me. A bundle of joy that can’t be buy no where. Even though you gave me pain earlier but once he popped out, the pains gone without me noticing it. Syukran Ya Allah.’
Today is my 7th day of confinement. Baby dragon and me are doing fine Alhamdulillah. Here I am in my room at parent’s place for 44days of confinement. Mak took care of me and baby dragon. Mak is a great chef! She prepared my room and decorated the room for the baby arrival at the house. She is great! How could I ever paid what she did towards me and family. My confinement meals are totally awesome and of course healthy! No ikan masin for me pls. Kak Rose is my confinement lady who is responsible to make sure that I am in a good condition. She is very good and puas la bayar dia even ada yang kata mahal. To me, not everybody can simply massage me. Im a bit picky about this. Check out her website at Highly recommended!
 Today, A’sim registered baby dragon’s name at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. What is his name? To be announce on Sunday after the Tahnik and Cukur Jambul ceremony insyAllah. 

Happy  Abang A’mmar
The decoration did by Oma

Time to share my giving birth experience to baby dragon!. Ready?. GO!

Finally the clock stop ticking and the countdowns are over! 12.04.2012 is the due date. Baby supposed to popped out before that date. I went to the KPJ Selangor Medical Center, Shah Alam for my usual weekly check up accompanied by Mak and Ayah. A’sim can’t join because he got meeting earlier in the morning. I was healthy and still can drive (if I were given a chance on that day). My gynae, Dr.Siti Esah is the same person that monitored me when I delivered A’mmar 4 years ago. We did ultra sound and she said ‘I think I need to induce you because the baby have no space to move around and I can see less movement from him. It will be a little bit pain compare to how you delivered A’mmar because we are forcing the path to open. You will be ok insyAllah. Most probably you will deliver your baby tomorrow.’ How do i feel? Prepared! Happy! Can’t wait! All positive vibes surround me with not knowing whats going to happen next!.
Doc was on the phone with hubby explaining about my condition.
Final picture of me and my belly
Checked-in at room 244. Nice view (ala nampak main road aje). Change my uniform from hot momma uniform to hospital attire. Dr. Siti came in and plant in half capsule of induce pill down there. It was 12.30pm. A’sim still at the office. He kind of relax this time maybe because ‘its not time yet’. As usual, Mak will update about me checking in and obviously my phone received non-stop ‘ping’ sound. Notifications sound from facebook, twitter, sms and bbm. A’sim only arrive at 3pm with my hospital bags. Dr.Siti pay the second visit and plant in another half capsule of induce pill at 415pm. In between time friends came to wish good luck and bring lotsa food for the happy tummy. 
ctg scan
Atok pun sibuk nak check
Exactly at 6pm, the battle begun! Ya Allah! Killer excessive contraction I must say. KILLER! Totally different from what I experienced when I gave birth to A’mmar. People that I love was by my side through out my pain especially my husband. A’mmar came and he was one of the reason I was strong. Mak, Ayah, Angah, Makwe witnessed my pain. Dah tak boleh sorok dah konon tak nak bagi orang panic. Contraction hits me every 1 minute for 6 hours. I can’t move, I can’t eat, all i did was pray pray pray and pray!. 
in between the 1 minute of ‘rest’
thank you buah hati ku
A’sim was a great guy. He was with me all the time through out my pain. 
Sorry sayang, I tak bebuat and i totally tak ada niat nak takutkan you. But you were brave. 
‘Sabar sayang.. istighfar banyak-banyak. Tak apa, I dah maafkan dan halalkan makan minum you semua. You kena kuat ye’
Received this from Mak when she was at the mosque performing Maghrib and Isyaq while I wasbattling with contraction.
11.50pm, nurse came in and ‘rodok’ me to see how many cm opened. She said ‘pergi toilet buang air dulu lepas tu kita ke labor room. Boleh dah bersalin malam ni. Dah buka 3cm’
What?!?!! 3cm for 6 hours pain?!?! Been pushed on wheelchair to labor room which on the same floor. Nurse gave me ‘the funny gas’ which it is not funny anymore!. 
‘Sakit B~ Ya Allah~ Lailahaila anta subhanainni kuntu minalzholimin’. 
Itu sahaja yang keluar dari bibir ku. 
Asked A’sim to call Mak because I want her to be around. She came once the baby popped out. ‘Along, mak ada sini nak~’. I really wanna hug her!
Dr. Siti arrived 5 minutes later and I was so relieved to hear her voice ‘Hana, relax ye sayang. Tarik nafas, lepas. Kalau nak berak bagitau saya. Dah buka 8cm ni’. She was doing my drip in the hand and I seriously can feel that ITS TIME! 
‘Doc!, saya nak teran! Now now!’. Katil tak buka lagi. I raised my leg up and again i said ‘doc!, saya nak push! Now!’. 
‘Ok dah buka habis now you push. Push macam nak teran Hana..Good girl..One more push..Assalamualaikum..Alhamdulillah..Tahniah Hana..’
At 1218am, 13th April 2012 (Friday), 4 perfect push, 6hours of labor pain, finally my 3kg baby boy is on my tummy crying! Syukur Alhamdulillah!. Contraction pain? Gone without me noticing it. Both mummy and baby are healthy and we were discharged on the same day (Friday) later in the evening.
Thank you so much for all the prayers, duas and wishes. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Another A’sim junior in the house. Next!. Haha. InsyAllah kalau ada rezeki lagi, ke labor room kembali la saya.
he replied my tweet. Aww~
Thank you Allah


7 thoughts on “Proud mother of two

  1. Tahniah hana.

    to be honest, mengalir air mata baca entry ini.
    saya dah berkahwin hampir setahun, namun masih belum rezeki untuk merasa apa yang hana rasa.

    saya doakan anak anak hana menjadi anak yang soleh.



  2. Terima kasih.
    Sekadar berkongsi pengalaman saya. InsyAllah satu hari awak dapat rasa apa yang saya rasa. Jangan putus semangat ye. Dah try mengurut dgn bidan? Try my bidan tu. Kot ada problem dgn kedudukan rahim.
    Terima kasih atas doa mu. Amiiinnn


  3. Lexa. Don't ever worry bout it. Saya dah kahwin 3 tahun. Tahun pertama memang stress sebab belum dapat lagi rezeki. Macam tu jugak dengan tahun kedua. Apatah lagi disahkan doctor mempunyai Policystic Ovarian Syndrome. Satu jenis sindrom yg menyukarkan wanita untuk hamil (tapi skali dapat pregnant, berderet la nanti). Masuk tahun ke 3 alam perkahwinan tanpa zuriat, memang perit dan mcm2 orang cakap but must always remember ONE THING.



  4. wow babe! giler laaa… 2nd labor lagi sakit dr 1st labor?? i remembered dat u took laughing gas dulu and it helped you a lot…cerita ko totally made me reminisce my experience… best nyer dh 2nd baby… congratz sayang…!!


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