A night with gfs

Had my first visit to Citta Mall last night. Very nice place and I just love the feeling of beinbg there. Siapa yang kaki makan tu ,emang layak sangat la datang mall ni. Everything seems tp be outdoor. Hubby and Ayah definitely will love this place. I didnt snap any pictures due to my jakun-ness last night.

I had a nice dinner with good company. Thanks to Adila for the dinner treat and congrats to her as well for being pregnant. Yeay! More babies!. We had Chillis. Kids joined us as well. In the other hand I miss my husband so much who is currently in Sabah for work.

Havent update about my restaurant lately huh? After MingguanMalaysia did a review about Restaurant Kelip-kelip Steamboat, Grill & Cafe, we received alots of call and positove feedback. Syukur alhamdulillah. I cant do it alone with my current comdition now without my staffs who always be positive in what ever situation. Kudos to them!

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