Great Weekend!

Bila ada orang sakit, tujuannya Allah menyatukan sesebuah hubungan itu. On that weekend, hubby was on fever on and off but luckily he is such a strong person. Alhamdulillah. Memandangkan dia sakit, maka melekatlah dia di rumah kan. *wink*. So I took this opportunity to go out rinda-ronda since its been awhile we haven’s spend time together. It was fun to have a very quality time with the family. That’s all that I’m asking for. Syukur Alhamdulillah.
1. Go-cart with gang Xkresma. It is like their annual activity to get together. They are hubby’s Uitm old boys gang. Such a close brotherhood indeed. I’m happy for their friendship.

2. Carnival WOW at Putrajaya. It was an unplanned thing actually. Dropped by at hubby’s new office. Aww, being in that room at that particular time really made me proud of him! Well there’s nothing special about the carnival. Weather was nice and we enjoyed our time there especially A’mmar.


 3. Motherhood & Baby expo 2012 at KLCC. You need to have a reason to come to any expo. Successfully dragged hubby to the expo to buy A’mmars car seat and few little things for his brother as we. We bought FisherPrice car seat at at very good deal and quality. Thank you hubby! Met few familiar faces including my lecturer Ms.Aina who is expecting as well! Wow!!! I also can see all the beautiful mothers with their big belly.

A’mmar new car seat


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