January 2012

I realize that I did not blog that much on my activities this month. Lets recap what happen for the past one month.
1. First few days A’mmar at school after our Euro trip. So far he did well attending a school after 2 weeks of hassle. It is normal for new students as what friends and family said. Now Alhamdulillah he gets along really well with his classmates.
Feverish a day before school starts
2. Alhamdulillah I am 28weeks pregnant. Baby Dragon is doing great! Oh I call him ‘baby dragon’ because we havent decided yet what to give his name and it is a dragon year this year. Went for a check up with my gynea which actually I was so surprised because I did not gain weight at all! But baby dragon are doing great inside. Alhamdulillah.
3. After been complaining about his food intakes, finally my father in law been admitted to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Kedah due to gestric. A day after, doctor found out theres something wrong with his right leg. We rushed back to Kedah and Abah went for a surgery for his leg. Now he is already at home under my sister in law’s care. 
4. Proud of my brother inlaw, Shakir Ali. After a great performance at Piala Perlawanan Sumbangsih 2012 (Negeri Sembilan vs Kelantan) and few other games, National team called him for Olympic trainings and friendly. May 2012 brings prosperity to you macha!!!
5. Wanie is married! Syukur! Finally she is a wife to his long time boyfriend Epul. It was nice to meet familiar faces of high school friends and paintballers. Nice catching up sessions with most of them. Congratulation to Wanie and Epul. Welcome to the club.
6. Kenduri Aqiqah dan Cukur Jambul Haleef Hafiz. New members of Emi Joe’s family. Really had nice catching up session with old buddies. Most of them dah mula datang dengan pasangan. Sebelum ni ramai yang membujang. I am so happy for them. All grown up already. Haleef’s cradle was so nice and the foods, ah!, both me and baby dragon enjoyed it! Thank you Emi for inviting us.
7. Spend very family-family time with my small family. Went to Karangkraf Karnival 2012 for the very first time. I thought its like a mini carnival but when we arrived the roundabout near Toyota, I was shocked to see there was so many people there and you need to walk far because there was no parking. Since A’mmar felt asleep upon arriving, A’sim dropped me and my cousin and he drove off to somewhere while waiting for us. After one hour, he fetch us back and we had our evening tea by the Tasik Shah Alam. Met few familiar faces including my cousin at the carnival. 

8. Happy birthday Ameera Adil. She is 4 years old this year. We arrived kind of late at birthday girl’s house because A’sim was not around since morning. Met few paintballers as Adil current obsession is Paintball. Topic on that day: PAINTBALL. Ok I do admit that I miss Team Honeybzz so much. Adil’s friends asked me:
‘you dulu main paintball juga kan? All ladies team right?’ 
‘Yes *smile*’ 
‘You girls were awesome! Even kami tak de peluang nak lawan you alls but seriously from what we heard you guys was like wow!’
‘hahaha!, ok that was long time ago lah. Now semua dah gantung marker dah. Penat dah. *smile*’
Serious gua bangga weih!. Hahahaha! Kalau ajak masuk bertanding balik tak dapek rasanya! Tapi maybe after few training and shots ok kot. Hahahah

#selitan kenangan paintball#

9. Had nice catching up session during dinner with Alia and Lyn at Raku Japanese, Concorde Shah Alam. Tak cukup lengkap actually because Jaja was not there. She is currently in Japan now. We miss her so much!. Three of us are ‘baby dragon mommies’. Alia is pregnant 2month, me 7month and Lyn 8month.

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