Wuhoo! London! Arrived a day before Christmas Day. Stayed at Reem Hotel, Paddington. Very near to Hyde Park. It just feel like home when you are in London. So many Malaysian can be seen everywhere. It is so easy to find Halal foods.  Had our first meal in London at Noodle Oodle Restaurant. Aaahh~ feels like home. After we had our early dinner, took a bus to Selfridges just to enjoy the lights of Christmas. Very nice! Met Deeba who were also on her Euro Trip year end vacation. Riuh sekejap Oxford Street bila orang Shah Alam bertemu. Met few other friends as well that night. Called off the day by having coffee nearby our hotel.
With Iefiz
Merry Christmas! *krik krik krik* (bunyi cengkerik). London stop all the operation. Cik Li (A’sim friend) who have been staying in London for 3 years already accompanied his wife who just completed her PHD in Oxford University came and spend the morning with us at Hyde Park. We had picnic at the park. Lucky us because the sun said hello! The kids enjoyed their time at the park. Stroll around the nearby area and stopped at MSD/Malaysian Hall for teh tarik. Wanted to bring A’sim n A’mmar to Trifagal Square, Picadilly Circus and few other nice place BUT its already dark at 4pm and the subways and busses are not operating. We did a marchandise shopping at Paddington and rest for the day since the next day is the BATTLE DAY!
Our hotel’s streeet

Good morning! Its boxing day! Everything are on mad sale! Had our breakfast and took 9am bus to Oxford Street. And the mad begun!. Done with the battle at 6pm with lots of goods we bought.

The next day, Cik Li fetch us at our hotel and drove us to Bicester as early as 8am just to make sure that we won’t trapped in the traffic. Alhamdulillah it was smooth. Bicester Village is 1hour drive away from London. Its like an outlets village where most of the designer’s stuffs you can get it there with a good deal of price. Coah, Tods, CK, Timberland, Jimmy Chew, Prada, just name it! I end up not buying anything because I think I can get way much cheaper in Cabazon USA or USA Premium Outlet (if you convert to RM since usd is not doing well). A’sim bought few Levis jeans with up to 70% discount. Crazy right?? I know!!

Spend our evening at Cik Li’s house in Oxford because he need to work from 4-8pm. Oh!, Cik Li is one of A’sim PTD friend. He sacrifised 3years of service to support his wife who just completed he PHD. In Oxford, his job is a cleaner. Ptd officer become a part time cleaner. I respect him for this! They are coming home for good next month. While Cik Li need to work, me, A’sim, Yani and the kids strolled around the Oxford University areas and did some shopping to kill the time. By the time we are done, Cik Li also finished working. Yani cooked nasi lemak udang for us. Tasty and yummy! They send us back to the hotel and it was a final goodbye. See you next month!

Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant.
Buckingham Palace by night

Last day in London kind of a bit rushing and funny. Ayah’s friend fetched us at the hotel and asked us to checked out early in the morning. Uncle Shamsul been staying in London for the past 27years! He took us to few places (mana yang sempat) before our train depart to Amsterdam at 1250pm. We reached St.Pancras train station just on time before the automatic gate closed!

Overall it was fun to be in London even though this is the first ever time I go to London not going to any of the tourist attraction spots! Haish~. Looks like there will be a repeat trip to London tho! Hahaha. Goodbye London. Holla Amsterdam!.


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