Had a blast and pampered our self in London and we are back with maps in hand once we arrived Amsterdam. Took Eurostar and Thyle (transit at Brussel) fast train to Amsterdam. $ hours train ride. Okey, Amsterdam. What came to your mind if I said Amsterdam? Especially boys! Yes!! Red Light District!. Haha. We stayed at Novotel City Hotel. Whoa~ Yeah!, like finally we have a place that is call as a HOTEL finally. Haha. I think its ok to pay extra for our final check in for rest and relax before we hit the REALITY~~~. We did our own adventure tour with hop on hop off bus. Went to Ice bar, Maddame Tussaudes, Red Light District, Volendam (north of Holland). Had our New Year dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Watch the New Year fireworks from the room. This is because it is not safe for A’mmar to be in public due to the mercun keep on flying every where. It scared me! So we took a decision to stay in after dinner and enjoy the fireworks from our room. It was nice and time to packed to go home.

Main transportation. Cantik / handsome macam mana pun, basikal tetap di hati mereka
Maddame Tussaudes




Flight to KUL is 1200pm. Schiphol Airport is 15 minutes away from the hotel. Arrived just nice and on time. Did our TAC refund thingy and goodbye Europe. Till we meet again. It is hard to grag ourself back to reality where works and everything are waiting back home but in the same time we missed Malaysia so much while travelling. Three of us had so much fun for this trip. Its been a while for 3 of us not spending time together as we had during Euro trip. Syukur Alhamdulillah atas kenikmatan dan kelebihan yang Allah bekalkan kepada kami. Syukur.

Till the next travelodge!


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