A’mmar first few days in school

 Dear Son. This entry is for you. I’m blogging this while you are in school (Little Calliph, Seksyen 7 Platinum) after I have completed my entries about our trip to Europe end of 2011. 

You woke up this morning with a smile on your face even I know that you are tired and sleepy enough to dragged yourself for a shower and off to school. 

I walked you to school. Just 3 minutes walking distance from our house. Your teacher said you are the youngest in 4 years old class. So you are still a baby. *hihi*. You love books so much. Your teachers notice that too.

Today is your 7th day of schooling. 
The first 2 days you were okey. Okey means you did not cried when we sent you. But after that, every time we arrive at the school, you will cry like a mad baby. 

Its ok Son. Process of learning to let go is not easy. I know~. 
It is hard for me to let you go and not having you around in day time because I’m so use to have you around. This is for your future. InsyAllah Ibu and Ayah will bekalkan A’mmar dengan segala perkara yang baik-baik. 

School from 830am-12pm. I can’t wait to fetch you and spend the rest of the day with you!. 
Normally I’ll take you for lunch and sometime I cook your favorite food which is pasta. 

You need to have your evening nap. That is where I lay down beside you and sleep with you as well. 
Kesian anak ibu penat. 🙂 . 

As my alarm buzz at 5pm, I still watch you sleeping. I need to get ready to go to our restaurant. Once you wake up, I send you to Oma and Atok’s house. You will spend the rest of the night at their place while I need to handle our restaurant. 

When I got home, not seeing you around, I will cry. Because I miss having you around during night time. But I got no choice. Ibu and Ayah do not want to drag you to this mess – stay up late at night and having unhealthy night life. But i will definitely spend my weekend with you! I can’t wait for that! 

First art work 5/1/2012
On your 3rd day, they send you to school.
Morning walk to school while enjoying your toast.

Gaya anak ibu keletihan after school

Son, I love you so much and be a good boy okey! You are always in my prayer sayang.

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