Welcome to VANEZIA!! We had one day trip from Rome to Vanezia. Took fast train which cost us 140Euro to and fro for 2 hours ride. You can get a cheaper price but you need to travel 6 hours! Took the earliest train to Venice and the last train back to Rome.
Few stops to Vanezia
He loves it!

inside the train
Moment of his own

Venice the romantic city? That’s what most people always says. For me it is just a normal water city with no cars or bus. Just people walking around the city and the famous water transportation. Hahaha. Boring weih! Yet again, I fell in love with the architectures and the water transpositions. Things that MUST do once you are in Venice is ‘Gondola Ride’. Personally speaking, macam naik sampan aje okey. Tak romantic mana pun actually. We need to pay 100Euro=RM500 per gondola for 4km gondola ride. Its a life time experience so why don’t we spend money on it kan?

You definitely need a map in your hand when you are in Venice. Why? It is easy for you to get lost because every street they called it Via this Via that. Pening akak ok!. Its like you are in the  amazing race or a rat lab! We did not buy anything there just enjoyed the scenery and our stay there. To spend a night there? Don’t think so.

 By 4pm you do not know what to do over there. Vanezia by night is so nice and wow! Even though if you are planning for honeymoon, please don’t waste your money there.

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