Paris! Yes Paris! A romantic city for me. Always love this place. This is my second time in Paris. Last time it was only me alone. This time with Hubby and son. Everything is Paris is a big smile for me. Stayed for only 2 night there at Canbrai Hotel. 3 minutes away from Gare Du Nord train termini. Since our flight delayed from Rome Ciampino, we arrived Paris at 7pm and it was a waste of time! If we arrived earlier, we can do alot of things in Paris. But no regret because we decide to tour Paris the next day. Local people are very helpfull. Th metro (underground train) got not escalator. Can you imagine how A’sim need to dragged the big bag and stroller up down the stairs when we arrived?? Thanks to the local people for helping us around.

Again we took a hop on hop off bus service to tour most important or MUST go places in Paris. Weather was AWEOME!. Went to the famous Musee De Louvre. Since I am pregnant and we have a stroller with us, so we do not need to be in the long line. Awesome right?! Inside De Louvre? Everything are so artistic and very nice. Monalisa? Well, people paid 10Euro with a long que just to see the small painting of Monalisa. Again, ‘Ive been there and seen it!’. Hahaha.

See how small it is! 

You need to go to Eiffel Tower if you are in Paris. It is a MUST! We went after an hour tour around Paris. Paid 15Euros to get to the summit of the tower. It was freezing cold! The view was awesome! But both of our camera are out of batteries. Thanks to smartphones so we got a few nice (not so nice) shots at the summits.

Spend our night strolled along Champs Ellysee. Had churos which is my most favorite thing to eat when travelling . Even though it was raining that night but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying the Christmas eve.

Took Eurostar to London. Before we left Paris (errrgh, I dont want to!), we did some merchandise shopping near the hotel. Bonjour Paris! Hello LONDON!!!


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