This is my first time to step my foots in Rome. Spend 5days 4nights in Rome. Stayed at Aquarium Hotel just 5 minutes walking distance from Roma Termini (train main station). Everything in Rome looks the same!. You can get lost if you don’t have maps in your hand or if you have a difficulty in remembering where you are staying. The architectures are awesome! In Rome, most of them ride a scooter or a touring bike. Super bike? Only few can be seen on the road. They are more to touring bike because it is easy for them to ride in town. Weather are nice. We took a hop on hop off touring bus. A’mmar and A’sim enjoyed the ride. Went to magnificent famous Colloseo. Unfortunately its close for construction. Its ok, as long as ‘we have been there’. Hhaaha!. The metro (underground train) is very easy to use. I can say the local people are not that friendly. But not all of them. You still need to ask if you do not want to get lost. Halal foods are very easy to find around our hotel area. Alhamdulillah. Oh, that reminds me when we was in this particular restaurant and met one malay couple which i think they just got married (inai di jari) and they were like very sombong with us. We smiled but there was no return. Hmm, on honeymoon mood you should smile darlings. Anyway, that is our Malay. Orang melayu panggil ‘melayu kekwat’. Hehehe. Tak rugi nak bersenyum pun. On our 3rd day in Rome, we took a train to Vanice (another blog entry).

oldskool lift
Spanish steps

Vaatican City

Its a HUGE church. When A’mmar entered the church, dengan sekuat hatinya dia kata ‘SAMEKOOOOOMM’

dI Malaysia riders banggakan motor ini (ducati monster), but in Italy, standard nya macam motor kapchai kita.

Our flight to Paris supposedly to take off at 7am. After 45minutes we were stuck in the aircraft, finally all the passenger need to disembarked the aircraft because the back door had a problem. And the BEST PART is we need to wait for the next flight to Paris at 3pm! That was like 8 freaking hours doing nothing at Rome Ciampino Airport!. Ryanair did gave us a meal voucher but all we get was bread and mineral water. I am glad that A’sim did packed our son’s foods and biscuits in his bag and also his ipad. So no grumpy baby at the airport.

Please disembarked the aircraft. -_-
What they gave us for 8 hours of delay
Hungry babies
Goodbye Rome
Welcome to Paris

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