Flight was awesome from KUL-Frankfurt. A’mmar enjoyed his flying moment. Thanks MAs for the awesome hospitality on board. Oh!, Thanks to Mak and Ayah for sending us as well. Welcome to Frankfurt!. We only spend a night in Frankfurt. The only main reason to be there is to meet Uncle Azmi and his family. Unfortunately Uncle Azmi need to be in Malaysia on the day we arrived in Frankfurt. So his niece Amalyna (lovely girl I can say) waited for me at the arrival hall! (nasib baik ada orang tunggu kalau tak main gamble aje kami di Frankfurt 3 beranak).

Checked in at the Colors Hotel just opposite the Frankfurt train main station. Dropped our bags and off we go strolled around Frankfurt. Oh!, we arrived in Frankfurt early in the morning. Lucky 3 of us got no problem in handling our jet lag. The only thing I bought at Frankfurt is my winter boot. First ever winter boot which it was on sale! And it is brown in color. Love it!.

Nice architecture. Its a shopping mall 

At night, we had dinner with Azmina and the kids (Azmi’s family). Its been awhile since the last time we met. Very nice family and we had turkish cuisine. Azmina took us around Frankfurt city by night and enough for the day.

Since our flight to Rome at 730am, we took a direct bus from Frankfurt City to Hanh Airport which 20minutes away. It was really cold morning I can say but we were too excited to start our journey in Rome. Ryanair is a budget airline just like AirAsia. But they are too strict in excess baggage. Since i booked the ticket online and check in early before we actually arrived in Frankfurt, I need to state what will be the weight for each bag that each passenger will carry. To play safe, I choosed 15kg per passenger and I assumed that we can combined the weight. Unfortunately we cant! Lucky us because Mak did spare us I folding bag to we divide our stuffs to 2 bags.

weighting machine
 Good bye Frankfurt.. Hello Rome..

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