Preparation for the Euro Trip

Me: This year ke mana kita? (Always I’m the one who will ask first.. hahaha)
A’sim: hmm kan I ada ride 1000 corner end of the year..
Me: Kan I pregnant. You tau kan what is the rules. ‘No riding keluar dari Malaysia selama I pregnant’.
A’sim: ok. Ill list down mana tempat nak pergi pastu kita survey. Enrich point banyak kan?
Few days later…
The list: Egypt, India, Cape Town, Dubai, Switzerland, Rome, Japan, New York, United States..
Me: Let’s do Euro trip!!! Since I’ve been to few places at least we can do this together. And let’s tour on our own without using any travel agent! Gamble aje. Nak? *excited expression*
A’sim: that is why I marry you..
So, since we have decided to do a Euro trip, my duty starts ON THE SPOT! See how excited I am kan? As usual I need to list down everything that is important that is needed to be done before the little little thing comes along the way.
Renew our passports. We went to the PKNS immigration early in the morning. Fill in the form, took our beautiful passport photo which no teeth to be seen (Nampak buruk!), put the money and seal the envelopes. Drop the envelopes in the kiosk machine and within 2 hours our passports are ready.
Flight tickets. Dragged Ayah to Enrich office in KL Sentral (that was when A’mmar had his first train experience) since Ayah is the only person that can redeemed the points. A’sim already gave me his off days in December so I just worked on with the dates and destinations. Finally we are set for the dates. KUL-Frankfurt 16th December 2011 and Amsterdam-KUL 2nd January 2012. Thank you Malaysian Airline. You guys are awesome! Since I only redeemed the points, all we need to pay is the tax. It’s RM1, 330.00 per person including A’mmar. Its super way cheaper compared to the original ticket price. Dah cut cost kat situ banyak. Tickets need to collect 3 weeks before departing. Of course I keep on counting days. Haha…
Routes setting. I have the power~. Haha. Since we will be traveling on Boxing Day as well, I have blocked THAT specific date to be in London. Why? The Boxing Day sale in London is like a slap on your face! Everything 70-90% off! Whatever happened, those dates can’t swap with other places. We might add on Venice and Pompey in our route plan after we arrive in Rome. Depends on that current situation. After studying the maps and how to get from one place to another, our routes are: 

Semangat kan?
Accommodations. Who do not want to save their money and look for FREE places to stay when you are traveling right? We have friends almost at all places. But sadly, most of them are not around when we arrive. The accommodations hunting begun!. I used as my reference. I also surveyed few from Bed & Breakfast. From these two pages, it links me to other pages as well. It took me almost 2 weeks to search for a good price, good location (near to the public transports) and comfy. Also with a little help of few friends & families to actually guide me which hotel or places have they stayed before. Everything is paid in advance. Just print the receipts or booking printed documents and present it upon arrival. Easy!
Transportations. I can say that we need to spend extra on this because we need to move fast and be on time. If it is only me and A’sim who will be travelling, we don’t mind taking 8 hour bus and so on. In this case, A’mmar my 4 years old son joined the trip. Furthermore I am 6month pregnant. So, we use Ryanair (budget airlines) and Eurostar (fast bullet train) service to move from one place to another. Since we travelled during the Christmas and New Year eve, I booked the flights and the train for 3 of us. Even though we need to pay a little bit extra which can be reduced if we took a bus, but our time are not wasted. The earlier you book the tickets, the cheaper the price you will get. Same like our local flight AirAsia and FireFly. We need to print our e-tickets from home and check in 15days up to 4 hours before travelling. How awesome is that right?!?. At this point, I already have one special file for all the documents that need to bring along while travelling. Seriously I feel like a smart girl! Hahaha!…
All set and ready to go
 KUL-Frankfurt (MAS) … Frankfurt-Rome (Ryanair) … Rome-Paris (Ryanair) … Paris-London (Eurostar) … London-Amsterdam (Eurostar) … Amsterdam-KUL (MAS)
Packing. I only start packing our stuffs 3 days before depart. Imagine that I need to pack 3 person’s stuffs in ONE big laguage! How la weih nak light trave?? This is because A’sim is the only person who can carry the bag as I am the one who will handle A’mmar push chair. Alhamdulillah. Success!. Of course in that big laguage there is one travelling bag. Just incase! *wink*.  

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