Tour Agency VS Own Agency

My entry this time refers to my own experiences. I have travel a lot (not that a lot lot) so I think its a good thing to share with my darling readers about my experience that I have been through for your own references. Obviously there are pros and cons for both thing. If you have more points to share, please state in the comments box. Its for other readers reference as well. 😉

Travel Agency.
– for me those who are lazy enough to plan and think about the plan of the trip will pay extra to the travel agency to work out the plan for you.
– all you know is that everything is plan before you take off.
– less adventure as you will be touring around by touring bus and personal tourguide only. Should try their public transports like Metro, Subway, Tram. It is exciting!
– adventurous part will be the shopping spree!
– it is awesome because there’s always someone to explain and tell us about the history of that particular place.
– you do not need map in your hand to tour around.
– need to be on time and on schedule everytime when you are on tour because if you are late, you might effect other people’s plan, mood and time.
– you might pay the tour agency RM6,000 (for example) for accommodation, restaurants, transportation to visit only 1 country.
– you need to put aside shopping money. That will be another additional of RM5000 (for example).
– you definitely won’t face any difficulties in language if you are traveling in the english speaking country.

Own Agency:
– exciting and adventurous.
– internet is your BFF!
– early planning is a must!
– everything need to book in advance.
– might end up visiting places that not many other tourists know about the existing of it.
– map is your very own best friend. Or as for now, tablets and smartphones can replace the paper maps! Awersome!
– of course you will get lost in between.
– traveling around with their public transports especially their subways, tram and bus might confuse you. But that is the juicy part!
– food hunting is fun especially for muslims and vegetarian. Now a days it is easy to find Halal restaurants everywhere.
– you got to choose your own hotel on internet!
– you can work on with your own budget on choosing the location of the accommodation.
– you can spend RM6000 (for example) travel to more than 2 or 3 country INCLUDING your shopping spree!! Interesting right?
– no time pressure as you are your own tour guide.
– need to face with the arrogant and snobish local people sometimes.
– language problem? Always! Its lucky if the people you met can speak english.
I’m not blogging about this to say bad things about Travel Agency. They work so hard to make sure what you paid is worth it. It is not easy to work on with Own Agency style. Only for those who are adventurous and patient enough can use this method. And of course if you have your own ample time, you can use Own Agency style. I have travel using both ways and I love to use the Own Agency style because it is fun and I have my own lovely time and being adventurous most of the time. But maybe when I get older later on I might use the VIP Tour Agency. That I need to pay super extra! *wink*
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