Jet Lag

As I mention in my facebook status and also twitter that I have no problem with jet lag once we arrive Europe and back to Malaysia. Of course I receive more than one comment about it. Thank you. :). Let me share how I did manage to overcome the jet lag problem. First of all, I need to make sure both me and husband didn't get any jet lag as the next day of our arrival in Malaysia is our working day. So here how things work.

When we depart from KLIA-Frankfurt, the aircraft announced the local time of destination. So we set our watch to the local time of destination which is Frankfurt. It is 7hours late compare to Malaysia time. We only sleep onboard when it is night time in Frankfurt. Depart from KLIA midnight and arrive in Frankfurt early morning. There are lots of onboard entertainment you can enjoy. That helps you to make sure that you are awake. Alhamdulillah, no jet lag when we arrive. Of course the excited feelings run in our mind. Hehe.

As on our way back to Malaysia, people keep on saying 'sure you will face with jet lag!'. I can't say anything that time because I always face the same problem. Well, why not using the same method when he depart from KUL-Frankfurt!. I turn my clock to Malaysia time and only sleep when it is night time in Malaysia. Since that I do not want to miss the onboard entertainments, I slept for only 2 hours onboard and enjoy the movie untill we touch down. When we arrive, me and husband will make sure we don't sleep untill it is night time! Mak makes us nice coffee and took us lunch and dinner just to make ourself busy. We had a family talk chatting about our trips and did laundry at the same time. At night time around 10pm, is the time that we entered the lala land! Alhamdulillah, both of us woke up the next morning feeling fresh and ready for a brand new day!! And we survive from jet lag untill today.

You can try if you want. It works!

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