Water Birth

As some may know that I am happily a 5 month pregnant mother. Alhamdulillah. This will be my second child. We have found out the baby gender. Result showed that it is going to be a BABY BOY! Yeay! Another boy in the family. A’mmar reaction so far is good. He loves my belly so much. Keep on saying ‘nak peyuk baby‘. Aww, he’s such a sweet heart and I bet A’mmar will definitely be a great big brother.
Whats up with water birth? It is actually my wish to deliver my second baby via water birth. Why? Because I love to try out new things. I am 100% sure that I am ready for this. Since my first child I delivered it normal without taking any pain killer or IV or epidural. Alhamdulillah. That is why I know I can do this. *semangat* But still I need my husband’s says also my parents. In the same time I did few research on this method. 
The first water birth pool in Malaysia is in Penang. Five years ago, the second water birth pool arrived in Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar. YES! Dekat kan?? 
Water Birth Pool in Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar.
Above is the pool that can fit in 2 adult. Mum-to-be and Father-to-be. The water temperature is maintained at 37-38′C at all time which it may help to reduce the pain intensity. 
I personally called Pantai Medical Center and talked to Dr. Chong’s (the only doctor that will take in-charge of water birth method) nurse. I asked her few questions:
1. What will the water birth be like? 
– same as normal delivering but it will be in the water. –
2. How about the pain intensity? 
– the pain is still there but lesser. Because when you are in the water, the warm of the water helps the mother to reduce the pain. –
3. What is the cost? 
– RM6000 including 3 days 2 night stay for normal birth. Which means no epidural or any pain killer taken during the process. –
4. If I can’t stand the pain and I need the pain killer, will there be any additional cost? 
– Yes. RM6000 is only for the pool (normal birth). –
5. Is Dr. Chong the only doctor that in-charge with this water borth thingy? 
– Yes. –
6. Can my husband be in the pool with me to welcome our newborn? 
– Yes he may. The doctor will be around to guide both of you as well. –
7. So far, are there any complications after using this method? 
– No ma’am. But it will depend on the mother herself. If your first child was normal birth, then there will be no complication since you know how it is going to feel. –
I think I got few rough idea on this and I am surely ready for this. Yet, I need to discuss with my husband and also my parents first. I hope they are being supportive enough about this. I know they will. *wink*. 
Thanks for those who responded positive on this idea. Eh, just AN IDEA. Belum terlaksana pun lagi. And I also I do receive funny feedbacks such as: 
‘membazir, tak takut ke? anak tak lemas ke? tak bahaya ke? mahal!, tak worth it’. 
But these came from those yang tak pernah mengandung pun ada.
Popular feedback of course : Anak tak lemas ke? Here what I found on the net:
‘Your baby will no more drown in a water birth than in will drown in utero. Your baby lives in water and should clear its passages and breathe when two things happen: (1) when the cord is cut, the flow of the oxygen from the placenta is stopped. (2) when the cold air hits, it triggers the first breath.’

I gave birth to A’mmar at KPJ Selangor, Shah Alam. Doctor Siti Esah was my gynea. Seriously no complaint at all. Doctor did a very good job and I am comfortable enough. Total cost was around RM2200 for normal birth, without any IV/pain killers/epidurals, 3 days 2 night stay in a single room. 
If you wish to have a very clear picture about water birth, do youtube it.

7 thoughts on “Water Birth

  1. If you think that is what you want, I go along with you but not in the tub ehhhhhh…..it might be more costly n tha is something you have to take note. Other than that, should be ok. Whatever way it is, the pain is the same….Insyaallah you'll do well. I will make du for you…..everytime.


  2. Betul tu.. My lovely sister ni xjerit2 pown. Doctor kate die tenang je.. Cara alongku bersalin nice je.. Hehe.. Saya ada disitu semasa bersalin and menyambut anak buahku selepas beberapa minit.. Go go along,, Adik support waterbirth.. Semoga along ngn baby selamat.. Besalin la kat Pantai Medical Centre sbb adik lahir kat sana.. yeah….


  3. Hana, I support u 100%….

    Huhu… Kite same la yang…. Kumpul bodiguard dulu eh :p. Next baru plan utk gegurl…. hehe

    Dulu mase 1st pregnancy penah gak survey psl water birth ni. Interesting aight. Tp I have no gut…. Since kat Mesia x ramai yg cuba kan….

    Papepon chaiyok Hana…. money is not evrythin pon kan…. Yg lesser pain tu yang cam best tuh… :p


  4. Mak: ala mai join sekali dalam tub meh.. this is just an idea…i want it tapi kalau A'sim tak setuju maka at least i know..

    Dewi: you got that right babe.

    Adik: mai isi tabung deliver Along.. hahahah..

    Siti: thank you sayang.. tak fully discuss ngan A'sim lagi.


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