Sambutan Hari Kelahiran A’mmar ke-3

Happy birthday A’mmar!!! dah 3 tahun anak ibu. Since you know how to appreciate things now, so me and Ayah decided to arrange a birthday celebration for you. Mission utama: elakkan pembaziran and make sure that you enjoy it. After banyak tempat yang di survey dan dilihat kembali dengan my condition yang sedang preggy ni, me and Ayah decide to celebrate your birthday at our restaurant. Kelip-kelip Steamboat, Grill & Cafe.
Theme: Angry Birds & Friends. Because you always spend your time with your ipad playing the game.
Alhamdulillah everything went well. This is actually my first time organizing a birthday party for kids! I really don’t expect so many guest to turn up because yang RSVP with me only quarter from the total that showed up. Nasib buat kat kedai sendiri maka ada la makanan yang sentiasa untuk di top up kan. 

Party packs

Cake by La Muffine

play ground for the kids


his pressie

Thank you so much to my Husband, Mak, Ayah and families for helping me out. Without you guys this wont happened! 

Happy 3rd year sayang,. Ibu loves you!!!

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