A’mmar Zoo Trip

Its been an ages I haven’t step my foot at the Zoo Negara. Wait! 20 years back? No silly! Ergh! No I can’t remember at all. Eh!, pernah ke? Hahaha.. Ok back to our main thing. WELCOME TO THE ZOO!! *excited*
I can say that our national zoo is not bad at all. Tak malu la kira jadi Malaysian. The animals were taken care of with a good hand and I am happy for that! A’mmar was so excited (as usual) and the parents too!. (as always). Hehehehe. Started the day with a bright sunny day then suddenly vooooossshhh HUJAN!. Lucky us because we bring along A’mmar big outdoor stroller. Even A’mmar abit grumpy because he’s not feeling well yet he still enjoyed it. Alhamdulillah. We are so happy. Thank you Allah.
Proud with his new ride. Nampak buruk but power ok!
Right left right left! So cute bebudak ni.
As usual muka excited!
Taylor’s College students bagi burung2 makan
Very comfy!

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