A’mmr first train ride

It started when the day before the train ride we went to KL Sentral to book my holiday tickets at Enrich. Where am i going? Shhh!! Still secret! Hahahaha. A’mmar was so ‘jakun’ to see the trains keep on coming in and out of the building. Since Atok was there at that time he said ‘Ammar nak naik train’ and Atok replied ‘ok tomorrow kita naik train’. *Happy face*.
We took the noon train since in the morning Atok got work to do. Atok pun nak join juga naik train.. It was wet noon on that day. Took his orange stroller and off we go stroll on towards the train. Parked our car at the side of the main road since all the paid parking full. Dengan hati yang selamber kami tinggal kan kereta dan mengharapkan jangan la kereta ku hilang akibat kena tarik. It cost RM2.40 for one way ticket from Kelana Jaya-KLCC per person. Not bad eh? At least I do not need to waste my petrol+tolls+parking.
Well A’mmar was so ‘teruja’ and excited! We are glad because he loves the trip. Should do it again with his Ayah next time. After an exciting train ride, A’mmar fell asleep once we arrive at KLCC. Aaaahh.. Happy shopping for his Ibu and Oma. And oh!, we did not shop anything at KLCC. *straight face*. Ok i lied! I shopped for A’sim. Good wife am I? Hahahah! I just look around and survey some cool and nice things for me. Should drag A’sim along next time. SHOULD! Took 4.30pm train and head back to Kelana Jaya. Was an exciting and experience this for us. Hihi.
Lucky us! Or else ill be cursing all the way because of the traffic.

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