Siemen’s Run 2011

oh gosh! Its been like 2 years tak join marathon ni! Can i do it?  YES I CAN! Without thinking twice, I register myself to 
* Drum rolls *
YES! Hahahaha. I was so disappointed with Standard Charted KL Marathon because I was still busy handling Kelip-kelip Steamboat, Grill & Cafe. Men’s Health Night Run will be another big event that I really looking forward to. But unfortunately i can’t join it because I need to be around at my restaurant. 
Siemen’s Run 2011 will be 10km run. Flag off from Dataran Merdeka KL.I bet its gonna be a fun run. After all my wish is that my husband can run back. InsyAllah. Marathon is his middle name. But since his accident in January 2010, he can only smile and keep on praying to put on his jogging shoes. I am doing this for myself, my passion and most of all for my husband.

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