Mother’s Day 2011

Since that Hubby will be away for a week, we celebrated mothers day a day before the actual day. Hubby took me and A’mmar for a supper at Concorde Shah Alam. Ninie and Jaie joined us as well. Thanks Love for the wonderful night out. 
Woke up in the morning with a wonderful mothers day wishes that i received from my twitter, facebook, sms, bbm and even calls. Thanks a bunch all for the wishes. I fell so alive. *poyo*. But seriously its an amazing thing to be a mother. Calles Mak and Mama (MIL) to wish them. They are my strength and I do look up to them in many ways. Start the day with a breakfast date with Dilla and followed by Hi-tea with my bikers ladies and supper with family. I feel to blessed!. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for everything. 
hubby is away so this is the only way to take picture together…hahaha
Alin & Aidil
Feza & Fuad
My darlings!

Received a package from Australia!! Mother’s day gift!!! 
Supper with mumsy

the next day we had a bonding session between mum and daughter at Quality Inn Shah Alam. We had hi-tea together.


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