PCP Night Ride 2011

PCP mean Putrajaya Challenge Park. They organized a 32km night ride around Putrajaya. 26km on road trail and 6km off road trail. It was my first EVER time experience cycling at night and participate in the competition. Not a surprise to myself that I am one of the last person that arrive. HAHAHAH. Yes laugh at me please! The only reason I joined this event is because it will be the last event for my Husband there before he need to transfer to service department. Well I can say as a first timer it was so super duper tiring and tiring and MENTAL! I wont do it again even if you give me money!. But it was fun actually to meet up with my sports gang. It reminds me how fit we was back when we were super young. Even though I keep on cursing along the way, yet i still can finish up the race. Congratulation to the organizer for the fun event. Please do it again as a yearly event.

Me and Farah the iron lady
On Putrajaya’s bridge
Ana Rafali as the guest artist
My baby sitter.. thank you babe!
Pa’din and A’sim
Orang kuat event
Ezlyn the MC of the night
Alin my supporter..hehehe
With Tan Sri Samsudin Osman..President of Putrajaya Holdings

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