Playing Tourist

Start of the day with riding class at Petaling Jaya. It is my first lesson there. The instructor asked me to ride on Kawasaki ER6. Hahaha! Nasib baik!. Kalau tidak kena naik Jaguh like so eeewww!!!. Anyway it was fun yet scary. I think JPJ route lagi susah dari jalan raya. Jalannya sangat sempit dan tak best! But what to do, in order to get the B-Full license (500cc above) i need to go through the routes. Lucky me because there not many student on that day. 
After the 1 hour of riding class, I fetch Yana because we have a date today! Since that A’sim asked me to repair his laptop at Plaza Low Yat KL, came to a thinking where “why not we play tourist today?!’. It is fun and it have been so long that I never do this crazy thing!. 
The routes:
Shah Alam – Plaza Low Yat – Bukit Bintang Plaza – Pavilion – Uniqlo – Plaza Low Yat (again) – Fatty Crab –  Movie date (Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa)

Crazy aint it?? But seriously I had super much fun fun fun day out with bestiest!

2 thoughts on “Playing Tourist

  1. fun indeed yaww bestiest! nak mkn FC punya pasal sanggup redah jam, temperature naik bagai. berbaloi mkn fatty boom! boom! bak kata mak lailee. hahahaha soooo cute! ;p


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